PT Solutions’ Patient Competing in IRONMAN Lake Placid

At PT Solutions, we are passionate about helping our athlete patients return to their events at a higher level than where they started with us, and we’re excited to announce that on Sunday, July 28th, PT Solutions’ patient Tim Nall will be competing in IRONMAN Lake Placid. Here’s what Tim had to say about his multiyear journey to compete in IRONMAN:

Tim First Sprint Tri 062412 Bike

Hey everybody!

Well, it’s finally time. I’m heading to Lake Placid this Monday, July 22, with my Uber wife, coach and encourager, Kim, and incredible support team of Mallory and McGee. It has been a long, almost two year journey to get to the July 28, 2013 Ironman Lake Placid. In all things, I pray that God be glorified regardless of how things turn out. Most of you know I tore my right Achilles tendon back in March…haven’t ran since…yikes! Please keep me in your prayers on the 28th. The 2.4 mile swim starts at 6:30 a.m., then 112 miles on the bike in the Adirondack mountains, then I’ll walk as fast as I can the 26.2 mile marathon…hopefully I’ll be able to jog a little toward the end. I have until midnight to finish. Going to be a fun, long day!

Thank you Erin Golden and gang at PT Solutions for getting me back on my feet…I could use another needling! Gareth and Lee at PTS Sports, the two best bike wizards ever, and JP who has looked after all my equipment needs…Thank you guys for all your wisdom and expertise. Remember 1 ½ years and 30 lbs. heavier ago, when I first walked into your shop telling you I wanted to do triathlons and Ironman Lake Placid? Here we are, thank you so much! Thank you Jeff Poe for educating me on all things triathlon and working on my training plan. Thank you Perry “the beast” Fowler for being an awesome training partner! You’re next bro! Jane, thanks for allowing me to hang upside down on purpose at Launch Awareness and stretching me out. Thank you to my business partner, Eddie, for understanding my crazy training schedule. Daddy, Mama and Helen, thank you for all your prayers and encouragement!f

Tim, we’re wishing you the best of luck!