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Job Demands Analysis

Know The Demands Of Your Job Roles

Attracting the right candidate means providing an accurate description of all essential duties and functions of that particular role. Including labor-intensive functions. But how do you know what they are? A job demand analysis (JDA) will help determine the physical demands the tasks require. The insight gained from this detailed analysis will also ensure you remain compliant with any laws and regulations.

At PT Solutions, our therapists will collect and analyze the information needed to provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the demands of a given function. With this, you’re able to develop a job description that accurately communicates the needs of the role, helping you attract your ideal candidates.

Job Demands Analysis

Why You Need A Job Demand Analysis

In addition to ensuring you attract the right candidates, a job demand analysis helps employers maintain a safe working environment for all employees. For example, better insight into what a specific role includes helps you make better decisions about when an injured employee can return to work.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced injuries
  • Appropriate treatment and rehabilitation
  • Timely and sustained return-to-work
  • Return to work and accommodation decisions that are defensible