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Return to Play

Get Back In The Game

Return to the sport you love in the best shape possible with our Return To Play program. We help athletes of all ages transition from physical therapy after an injury to a safe and confident return to sport. Our Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists work in partnership with physicians during the rehabilitation process to get you back to playing your sport as quickly and safely as possible.

While traditional physical therapy helps with the initial rehabilitation after sustaining an injury or having surgery, a return to sport program helps you rebuild the strength needed to prevent re-injury. With our program, a licensed physical therapist will ensure that you’re ready to return to playing.


The PT Solutions Return To Play Program

At PT Solutions, our team of orthopedic and sports physical therapists helps patients of all ages and skill levels return to competitive sports. We understand there is no one size fits all approach and the importance of designing each treatment plan based on your specific recovery and the sport you play. With one-on-one support from our experienced therapists, you’ll practice the specific demands of your sport or activity to make sure you’re at your strongest and healthiest.

Common Injuries Our Return To Play Program Treats

ACL & MCL Tear

A common knee injury among athletes, ACL and MCL tears require careful rehabilitation for recovery. Proper treatment from our physical therapists will help you regain the strength you need to play sports again with confidence.


Sustaining a concussion is serious, and appropriate medical assistance is critical for recovery. Our return to play program helps prepare athletes for a safe return to playing the sport they love.

Achilles Injury

Athletes who injure their Achilles need to carefully prepare for returning to their sport. Proper treatment for tears or tendinitis will help you get back in the game with the strength and confidence you need.

Elbow Injury

From baseball to tennis to golf and beyond, sports-related elbow injuries are common among many athletes. Our team of experienced physical therapists will guide you back to throwing and swinging with power.

Shoulder Injury

Common shoulder injuries in athletes include dislocations, rotator cuff tears, and AC joint sprains. Our team of physical therapists and athletic trainers will guide you towards regaining the strength and range of motion you need to play at your best.

Hip Injury

Hip conditions are common in many athletes, but especially runners, gymnasts, and dancers. Injuries include sprains, tears, and fractures. Our return to sport program will help you return to your pre-injury level of play.

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