A Week of Giving Thanks: What We’re Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving week! What are you thankful for? At PT Solutions, we’re thankful for our wonderful patients, dedicated clinicians, and excellent staff.

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We’re invested in the patient’s outcome, and we are immensely thankful for patient feedback:

This email is in regard to the exceptional physical therapy treatment I have received at PT Solutions Ivey Road Location.My neurologist, Dr. L.D. Empting, referred me to Tye Marr back in October for a neck/shoulder issue I was experiencing. Three rear-ended auto incidents, cervical and lumbar degenerative arthritis, and my well-intended swimming lessons in July had resulted in neck/shoulder spasms. Tye has been working with me for several weeks now, and I have significantly improved.He takes the time to explain what is happening and the approach he administers. I feel very fortunate to be the recipient of his knowledge, skill, and innate ability in my healing process. As a senior citizen prone to anxiety, I totally trust Tye with my treatment. I know of no higher compliment than that. The other staff members and reception desk personnel, especially Ellen, are most pleasant and courteous. My Thanksgiving list will include appreciation for my referral to Tye  Marr and PT Solutions.


Janet Long Goggins

As PT Solutions expands into new locations, like East Cobb, North Georgia, Kentucky, and Florida, we reflect on the past year and realize that, while we’re growing, our priorities remain the same. Our priority has always been to provide exceptional care by putting the patient first, tailoring each treatment method to the individual.

Thank you for a wonderful year!