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Physical Therapy Clinics Near You

Tampa Physical Therapy

Choose PT Solutions Tampa for quality and innovative approaches to healthcare with expert physical therapists who address a wide range of health conditions. Our team of physical therapists in Tampa provides a warm and welcoming environment to serve the diverse local community. At PT Solutions, we offer physical therapy in Tampa that goes beyond the traditional rehabilitation experience. Our Tampa physical therapists at PT Solutions stay knowledgeable of up-to-date research that informs our comprehensive approach you will not find anywhere else. Whether you are recovering from a recent injury, helping your child through a growth spurt, or preparing for surgery, physical therapy at PT Solutions offers a fun and engaging treatment plan specific to your healthcare needs and goals.

Pediatric Therapy in Tampa

Physical therapy offers a wide variety of benefits for people of all ages, including children. Visit PT Solutions for pediatric therapy services in Tampa, FL. Pediatric therapy for toddlers to teens incorporates an active and engaging treatment style with a family-friendly atmosphere. Our physical therapists work closely with your pediatrician and specialty services to address the developmental needs of your child. In addition to physical therapy, we also offer pediatric occupational therapy in Tampa. Pediatric therapy will involve a holistic combination of treatment approaches to that address both gross and fine motor skills in children and help support their physical, social, and cognitive development. PT Solutions physical therapy clinic in Tampa provides services that are culturally and linguistically sensitive with a team-based approach to your child’s care.

Concussion Care & Vestibular Rehab

We take head injuries very seriously at PT Solutions of Tampa. Our physical therapists provide concussion care for everyone, from professional athletes to elderly adults after a slip and fall accident. While concussions are most commonly associated with sports, they can occur with any sudden blow to the head. While some may recover quickly and easily after a concussion, others may require more attention and support. Concussion symptoms can last for days or weeks, and a physical therapist can work with you to address any lingering symptoms or effects after a head injury.

Vestibular rehab is one type of treatment approach to address dizziness or issues with imbalance after a head injury. A physical therapist can also provide vestibular rehab for people struggling with frequent migraine headaches and other acute or chronic injuries. Vestibular disorders that cause dizziness or vertigo can make you more susceptible to falls or other injuries by negatively impacting your balance. Vestibular therapy with a physical therapist can provide you with an exercise-based approach to regaining your balance, improving your gait, and training for strength and endurance.

Sports Rehab & Analysis

Physical therapy helps athletes of all levels optimize their performance and reduce the risk of injury on and off the field. Physical therapists are commonly associated with sports rehabilitation, though you do not need to be a professional athlete to receive quality and comprehensive support for your athletic endeavors. From weekend warriors to casual joggers, physical therapists can help you reach your goals for exercise and activity. At PT Solutions of Tampa, we offer running analysis to help you improve your form and avoid injury. A running analysis will focus on your joint mobility, strength, and coordination to identify areas for improvement. Your physical therapist will then develop a personalized plan of care to address the results of your running analysis and help you improve.

Dry Needling in Tampa

Millions of people visit the doctor every year because of pain. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain or recovering from a recent injury, pain can prevent you from fully participating in activities you enjoy. Physical therapists may use a technique called dry needling in conjunction with other treatments such as manual therapy and exercises. Dry needling is a passive intervention that does not inject any fluid or medicine into your body. Instead, dry needling targets trigger points in the body that may be causing you pain and stimulate a healing response in the area. Many people can benefit from dry needling and physical therapy, including those who struggle with headaches, migraines, tendonitis, and acute or chronic injuries. If you have tennis or golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, or frozen shoulder, then dry needling can help reduce symptoms of pain that restrict your movement.

PT Solutions Specialty Services

In addition to dry needling, PT Solutions also offers additional specialty services alongside physical therapy, including neurological rehab, hand therapy, and speech therapy in Tampa. Physical therapists are highly trained and skilled in addressing health conditions, including neurological conditions that affect the nervous system. Neurological rehabilitation is designed to improve your quality of life and restore your mobility as much as possible. Our physical therapists at PT Solutions of Tampa provide individualized attention and care for each person who visits our clinic. Your physical therapist will work with you to assess how your neurological condition has impacted you and incorporate specific exercises and techniques to restore functional mobility, balance, coordination, and strength.

Physical therapists at PT Solutions work in conjunction with speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists to provide speech therapy and occupational therapy in Tampa. We recognize that each person presents with a unique experience and reason for seeking care at PT Solutions. Our team strives to provide each person with personalized attention and help you improve strength, mobility, and confidence moving forward. We offer patient education to help you better understand your biomechanics, how your body is affected by your health condition, and achievable goals for treatment. Physical therapy also aims to support the prevention of future issues or injuries.

Our PT Solutions physical therapists stay knowledgeable about the latest tools and techniques to support your needs. We offer core services in physical therapy along with specialty services and sports-specific services to address a wide range of conditions and issues. Visit PT Solutions of Tampa and experience for yourself our energetic and engaging environment where you can take an active role in your recovery.

What We Have To Offer

In addition to traditional physical therapy, our therapists also provide additional services and support depending on your health care needs and goals. We offer concussion care and neurological rehab for those recovering from traumatic brain injuries. Whether you are a weekend warrior or recovering after a slip and fall, our team of physical therapists walks with you through your recovery process and provides you with the tools necessary to get back on your feet. Our physical therapists cultivate an energetic and engaging environment where you are an active participant in your recovery.

PT Solutions of Tampa also offers running analysis to help optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury in athletes of all levels and ages through sports physical therapy. You may be looking to improve your form on the track or avoid injury on neighborhood jogs. Physical therapy in Tampa, Fl, at PT Solutions can provide you with the tools you need to safely and effectively run marathons or enjoy a light jog. Our physical therapists will perform a running analysis that assesses your joint mobility, strength, and coordination. These three components work together to help you become an effective runner and athlete.

Our physical therapists at PT Solutions of Tampa Palms also offer treatment techniques and comprehensive care with dry needling, hand therapy, and vestibular rehab. Physical therapy at PT Solutions features innovative practices that are rooted in research-driven methods. Our physical therapists are constantly continuing their education and learning the latest tools and techniques to support you. Visit PT Solutions in Tampa in the Publix shopping center at the corner of Tampa Palms Boulevard and Bruce B Downs Boulevard.