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Patient Success Story: Sue Lauzen

September 24, 2015

Body Solutions Personal Training

We love when our patients share their success stories with us! Our latest success story comes from a PT Solutions patient who went on to participate in our Body Solutions program working with personal trainer Keith Tesch. Body Solutions utilizes the expertise of top personal trainers and physical therapists to create personalized fitness and wellness plans that meet the goals and objectives of the individual.

Here’s Sue’s story:


“I’ve been working out with Keith for the last 4 years. I was first introduced to him after completing a 6-week physical therapy session. I had fallen and broke both wrists. Although they were hairline fractures and did not require casting, scar tissue developed and I lost flexibility; hence the physical therapy.

I peeked into his workout area and saw one of his clients doing chin-ups. I was thoroughly intimidated as I was 62 years old and that was way beyond my scope. Keith pursued me as I was able to get another 6-week PT session for core strengthening, and I shared my fears with him. Keith told me he would never ask me to do something he wasn’t 100% sure that I could do and that he would design a program suitable to my age and abilities. I agreed to try a couple of sessions so I could see for myself that I could do it.

At the beginning of my first session with Keith, he asked me for some short-range goals and long-range goals. I told him my biggest concern was not being able to get up off the floor without using my hands. I have the horrible memory of looking through a cabinet and being on my hands and knees on the floor searching for a bowl that was way in the back. After I got it out of the cabinet, I couldn’t get up from the floor. My wrists were too weak at that point to pull myself up using the counter or by pushing myself up from the floor. My skinny-minnie older sister had to come and haul me up grabbing me under the arms. I was mortified, embarrassed and defeated. I never wanted to feel that way again.

During my PT sessions, I tried to accomplish this. I was able to get to a kneeling position, but I still had to push up from the floor with me hands; I just couldn’t stand up. It looks so easy and I was so frustrated that I couldn’t do it.

So I told Keith this, and he said that was my short-range goal because at the end of the first session he would have me standing up without using my hands. I didn’t believe him, and made him stop and show me right there and then that I could do that. It was tough – mainly because I didn’t believe I could do it, but with his encouragement and following his instructions without thinking about it (and psyching myself out), I stood up! I can’t tell you what a great feeling that was.

My long-range goal was to lose some weight. I was trying on my own, but knew I needed some one to “answer to”— and I knew that some one was Keith. A year ago May I started keeping a food journal and weighing in once a week with Keith. I lost 25 pounds, and have managed to keep it off — well, I gain a few pounds and then lose them again, but I’m happy with that. When I got complacent with my diet, he had me work out with the 25-pound vest on — a little reminder of what it was like to carry that extra weight.

I now work out with a small group, which I love. In fact, the woman I saw doing chin-ups that so intimidated me when I peeked into Keith’s gym, now is a good friend. We were doing the very same chin-ups the other day (yes, I can do them now) when I told her about seeing her doing these and being so intimidated. We got a good laugh over it, but Keith pointed out all that I can do now that I couldn’t then.

It’s true; I am so much stronger, I have confidence again in this old body and know that I can lift things — and get up from the floor without assistance. All of this would not have been possible without Keith. No matter how many are in the class, he’s watching and customizing every exercise to each individual’s level. He pushes us all, and I know I can trust him and that I can do whatever it is he’s pushing me to do.

He’s become a good friend. Whenever I see PT clients, I tell them to come join us and work out with Keith. I can’t tell you how many of them say to me “I could never do that” and I tell them how I couldn’t get up from the floor and now I can — and they can too. He knows what he’s doing and how to motivate us — regardless of our age or physical condition.

Simply put: he’s the best!”

-Sue Lauzen

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