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Augusta Physical Therapy

If you are looking for physical therapy in Augusta, GA, then visit PT Solutions just off I-20 at Walton Way Ext. and experience our unique approach to evidence-based care. At PT Solutions, we provide more than your typical physical therapy treatment. Our physical therapists are constantly implementing innovative techniques and up-to-date approaches that are research-driven and effective. Our goal at PT Solutions is to provide patients with a physical therapy clinic in Augusta that is family-friendly, encouraging, and fun. We work with each patient to develop a personalized plan of care and help with a wide range of conditions and concerns.

Physical Therapy for All Ages

PT Solutions offers physical therapy in Augusta, GA, for patients of all ages, from pediatric therapy for children and teens to surgery and injury recovery and prevention in adults of all ages. Our physical therapists engage you in the entire process so you can gain confidence as you regain strength and mobility. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, recovering from recent surgery, or looking for family-based care for your child, our physical therapists are here to help.

Golf Swing Analysis

The Augusta community takes great pride in hosting the Master’s Tournament every year. Whether you are an amateur or professional golfer, we offer golf swing analysis and support for golf performance to help improve your game on the green. Our physical therapists offer a golf fitness evaluation and utilize biomechanical video analysis to help you improve your golf game while protecting your body. We tailor-make our golf program to address your specific needs and help you increase your power, strength, and flexibility with our comprehensive training and treatment. Learn more about injury prevention, including proper warm-up techniques and a review of your golf swing mechanics to ensure you are playing at your very best.

Running Analysis

Our physical therapists at PT Solutions of South Augusta also offer runners, joggers, and weekend warriors running analysis and other treatments and techniques to improve functioning and prevent injuries that keep you from the activities you love. No matter if you enjoy a brief jog around the neighborhood or are training for your next marathon, our physical therapists can help provide you with insight into your running technique so you can constantly improve and best support your body. Physical therapy in Augusta at PT Solutions focuses on improving your joint mobility, strength, and coordination so you can improve your form and stay healthy.

Other Areas We Specialize In

PT Solutions of South Augusta also offers services in dry needling, pelvic floor therapy, concussion care, neurological rehab, and vestibular rehab. Our team of physical therapists provides comprehensive care plans specific to each patient who comes to the clinic. Call, email, or visit us online to request an appointment and get started working with a team of physical therapists who are dedicated to improving the physical therapy experience and helping you live your best life!