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COVID-19 Information

Your health is our priority.

Committed to our communities.

In light of the ongoing COVID- 19 developments, we want to ensure our patients continue to make progress toward their goals and recovery. Staying on track with your plan of care is important now more than ever, which is why we are staying committed to your wellness and safety.

Looking for therapy for long-haul effects from COVID-19? Learn more here.


  • Increased sedentary activity and increased levels of stress resulting from the current pandemic and social distancing have the potential to intensify symptoms for those suffering from chronic pain. By remaining open, we are providing a safe and effective treatment option as opposed to medicinal alternatives.
  • There are many conditions physical therapists can help treat to help avoid the need for a hospital visit. We will continue to do our part to alleviate the burden currently being placed on our hospitals and urgent care teams.
  • As an alternative option to coming to a clinic in person, we are offering Telehealth virtual appointments in select regions to allow patients to receive treatment in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Learn more about Virtual Appointments


  • As you train or exercise, you build strength, endurance, and power, but when you stop exercising, those effects can deteriorate quite rapidly. While home exercise programs are helpful, they don’t have the same impact as in-clinic treatment. Our therapists can provide a more comprehensive assessment to update your plan. This is especially important for our patients who are post-operative or at risk for falls.
  • For our patients who are immunosuppressed or cautious about coming in, select regions now offer Telehealth virtual appointments. Virtual appointments allow patients to continue receiving quality treatment and plan of care progression during shelter-in-place orders.
Covid Recovery

Don't forget your mask!

We are committed to keeping our communities healthy and ask that all patients, team members, and guests wear a mask covering their nose and mouth while inside the clinic.

Thank you for helping keep our communities safe! 



Check-in Procedures

  • No Crowded Waiting Rooms– We are asking that patients call or text when they arrive so we can manage the influx of individuals in the clinic.
  • Stop the Spread –We encourage patients to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival.
  • Wellness Screen –We encourage all patients and guests to utilize the CDC Coronavirus Self-Checker prior to entering the clinic.


Maximizing Distance

  • Clinic Spacing– We’ve rearranged tables and equipment and moved waiting room chairs to maximize space between patients.
  • Signage & Announcements –We’ve posted flyers throughout the clinic to remind patients of social distancing standards.


Cleaning Procedures

  • We encourage all patients to wash their hands before and after their therapy sessions.
  • Our team members will clean all equipment, tables, chairs, etc. before and after each patient use.
  • Hand sanitizer is available and encouraged to be used between exercises and treatment modalities.
  • We will encourage patients to cut their own Theraband to take home and bring back each visit for reuse.



  • When scheduling patients, we are staggering patient appointments to minimize overlap.
  • We are treating high-risk patients in private treatment rooms when available.

Feeling Unwell?

If you are not feeling well and unsure if you should come into the clinic, we encourage you to self-access with the CDC’s Coronavirus Self Checker.