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Physical Therapy Clinics Near You

Austin Physical Therapy

Visit PT Solutions Austin for quality, comprehensive physical therapy and treatment for a wide range of injuries and health conditions. Whether you are looking to rehabilitate after a recent surgery, recover from an injury, or improve your physical performance as an athlete, our team of physical therapists is here to help. PT Solutions has multiple locations for physical therapy across Austin, so you can find the best care you need close to home. Our Austin physical therapists develop personalized treatment plans for each patient that include a combination of core and specialty services depending on your needs and healthcare goals. At PT Solutions, our physical therapy clinics are owned and operated by physical therapists, so you can expect highly knowledgeable and skilled care from a team of professionals.

Physical Therapy in Austin

PT Solutions Austin offers quality and innovative approaches to physical therapy, recovery, and rehabilitation. Our physical therapists use evidence-based treatments to create an engaging and innovative plan of care for you. We go above and beyond the traditional model of providing you with a series of exercises to complete. At PT Solutions, our Austin physical therapists and clinicians work alongside you and provide patient education and resources to help you achieve your healthcare goals. We strive to create a fun and engaging space where you feel comfortable and safe as you work through your treatment plan with one-on-one support. Our physical therapists work with you to improve your strength and mobility, which supports your overall health and wellbeing.


Core Austin Physical Therapy Services

Whether you are dealing with a recent injury or surgery, physical therapy can help you regain the confidence you need to move safely and effectively through your daily routines and activities again. Working with a physical therapist will help you regain and improve muscle strength to better support your body. Stretches, exercises, and other treatment techniques will focus on you regaining mobility and increasing your range of motion. A recent injury or illness may temporarily immobilize you, which can result in weakened muscles and joint stiffness. Your physical therapist will help you target these areas so you can see greater improvement in your recovery process.

At PT Solutions Austin, our physical therapists collaborate with clinicians to provide comprehensive care. Our core services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more. We offer pediatric therapy to assist children of all ages, along with adults. Our encouraging and engaging environment for physical therapy allows for a family-friendly approach to pediatric therapy. Our physical therapists work alongside your child’s pediatrician and other providers like a speech-language pathologist to help meet your child’s needs and goals for treatment. Occupational therapy is also available for all ages and helps our patients with re-engaging in activities of daily living successfully. Kids’ bodies are constantly growing and changing, and our team of pediatric therapists has the knowledge and skills to provide your whole family with the best care.

Specialty Services at PT Solutions Austin

Physical therapy isn’t just for recovery and rehabilitation from an injury or surgery. In fact, physical therapists work with patients every day to help reduce pain from a variety of health conditions. We use a variety of treatment techniques and therapies in conjunction with our core evidence-based approaches of exercises and manual therapy. Visit PT Solutions for an Austin dry needling clinic where you can experience this passive intervention that complements our other services. Dry needling uses filament needles to target trigger points in your muscles and stimulate release. We offer dry needling and other specialty services to help you experience lasting pain relief from conditions like headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other acute and chronic injuries.

Other specialty services at PT Solutions Austin include therapeutic treatments for pelvic floor dysfunction, TMJ dysfunction, and covid recovery. Our physical therapists specialize in treatments and techniques for a variety of health conditions that may require additional support and care that your general practitioner cannot provide. We offer comfortable and private spaces for pelvic floor therapy with a physical therapist, where we will work with you one-on-one to provide you with lasting relief. Learn how physical therapy can help you find lasting relief from jaw pain, teeth clenching and grinding, or other reasons why you might have TMJ dysfunction. We are also working to provide our patients with the latest treatments and approaches to care for covid recovery so you can regain healthy functioning and get back to the activities you enjoy.

Austin Sports-Specific Physical Therapy Services

Visit PT Solutions for an Austin sports rehab center near you and experience how you can play an active role in your rehabilitation, recovery, and performance enhancement on and off the field. Our physical therapists provide a wide range of sports-specific physical therapy services to help everyone from casual neighborhood joggers to marathon runners. We offer a running analysis that will take an intensive look at your biomechanics and help identify areas for improvement. Work with a physical therapist to safely return to play after an injury or surgery by effectively regaining your strength and mobility through our personalized programs for sports rehabilitation. Our physical therapists also provide patient education and support so you can learn how to effectively prevent future injuries and enhance your overall physical performance.

Recovery & Rehabilitation in Austin

Work with an Austin physical therapist near you at one of our convenient PT Solutions clinic locations across the metro area. From neurological rehab to hand therapy, our team of physical therapists offers a range of services to address your needs and health conditions. Recovery is difficult to manage on your own, and our physical therapists are here to help. We will work alongside you to provide you with one-on-one care and a tailored approach to exercise-based recovery. We offer manual therapy and complementary treatment techniques that will address your specific needs for a healthy and safe recovery. We invite you to take an active role in your recovery when you partner with one of our physical therapists at PT Solutions Austin. Visit us online to request an appointment and get started today.