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Internal Travel Team

The PTS Internal Travel Team, created in 2019, offers the perks of travel therapy with the support and benefits of a full-time position. What began as a team of three travelers has grown to a team of over 30 clinicians exploring the PTS network including 500 clinic locations across 25 states. 


Mollie Feczko, Physical Therapist and Internal Travel Senior Manager, began her career as a PTS Orthopaedic Resident in 2014. She gained experience as a treating clinician and clinic manager while remaining involved in the recruitment of physical therapy students.

Mollie’s passion for career development and coaching of new graduates presented her with the opportunity to lead the growing Internal Travel team in 2020. Since then, she has worked to develop a structured program to support therapists in all stages of their career.


Mollie Feczko, PT, DPT, Senior Internal Travel Manager

Kendall Wilde, Physical Therapist and Internal Travel Manager, is a graduate of the PT Solutions Orthopaedic Residency and Pioneer Leadership Programs. These experiences led her to serve as one of the first Internal Travel Physical Therapists for PTS in 2019.

Through her travel experience, Kendall found her permanent home in Austin, TX, as a Clinic Manager, gaining valuable management and mentorship expertise. In January 2022, she joined forces with Mollie to lead the travel team, bringing specific teaching, leadership, and travelrelated insight  

Kendall, PT Solutions Travel Program

Kendall Wilde, PT, DPT, Internal Travel Manager

The Internal Travel Experience

  • Positions are open to new graduates or experienced professionals
  • Choose your setting! Acute care, inpatient rehab, or outpatient options available 
  • Locations are selected according to therapist’s preferences and practice needs
  • One-year travel contracts guarantee full-time work, compensation, and benefits  
    • Full-time Benefits Package  
    • New Graduate Caseload Ramp 
    • Tax-exempt Living Expenses Stipend 
    • Mentorship and Leadership Opportunities 
    • Relocation and Licensing Reimbursement

Team Engagement

Onboarding Process – A personalized introduction to each new assignment, laying out expectations to feel confident on your first day in a new location.

Travel Manager One-on-One – Meet with your Travel Manager monthly to ensure traveler goals and needs are met throughout your travel experience.

Internal Traveler Team Meetings – A monthly opportunity to share travel experiences, learn from previous travelers, and gain insight on future travel rotations.

Yearly Team Summit – Participate in specific traveler training, connect with practice leaders, and build relationships with your fellow travel team members in person

Summit Group 1

Summit Group 2

Working as a traveler has allowed me to learn and incorporate skills from a variety of mentors and coworkers across the country, which has improved my confidence and ability to treat a wide range of conditions. With PT Solutions, I have worked in Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, and Oregon, which has satisfied my desire to explore and experience a wide range of cultures. I have especially enjoyed the consistency between clinics, and working with a dedicated team helps make the transitions as seamless as possible.


Joel Harbolt, PT, DPT

“PT Solutions has provided me with the structure and support I needed while maintaining my freedom as a traveler. I’ve had the opportunity to explore each setting, be in the locations that I wanted, and obtain hours of continuing education, all while bonding with other travelers from around the world. Being an internal traveler with PT Solutions has relieved the stress of dealing with multiple recruiters and companies, and has made me excel in my growth as a new grad clinician. This experience has been the perfect mix of being a full-time employee and being a full-time traveler. I would recommend the internal travel program with PT Solutions to any new grads looking to start traveling!”

Destiny Farmer, PT, DPT 

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