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Physical Therapy Clinics Near You

Tulsa Physical Therapy

Visit PT Solutions Tulsa for a quality and comprehensive physical therapy clinic near you to support all your rehabilitation and recovery needs. With multiple locations across the city of Tulsa, PT Solutions provides the community with an innovative approach to physical therapy you won’t find anywhere else. Each PT Solutions location is owned and operated by physical therapists who live and work in the Tulsa community. Our physical therapists go above and beyond the traditional physical therapy experience so you can get the most out of your experience at PT Solutions. Tulsa physical therapy at PT Solutions is rooted in evidence-based practices, and our physical therapists stay up to date on the latest proven and effective treatment techniques. We offer a warm and inviting environment where you will feel comfortable taking an active role in improving your overall health and well-being. Learn more about how physical therapy can benefit you when you visit PT Solutions in Tulsa.


Physical Therapy in Tulsa

When you visit PT Solutions, our physical therapists will provide you with more than just a series of exercises. We offer thorough and comprehensive initial evaluations and treatment plans that are individualized to your needs and goals. No two experiences are alike, which means our physical therapists at PT Solutions will provide you with personalized care to support your reason for seeking out physical therapy. We offer physical therapy for people who have recently been injured, are preparing for or recovering from surgery, or are looking to improve their overall health and physical performance. Physical therapy provides you with effective tools and techniques to improve your strength and mobility. Injuries may keep you from activities you enjoy, but physical therapy can help ensure you return to participation with renewed strength, mobility, and confidence.


Recovery & Rehabilitation with PT Solutions 

PT Solutions offers physical therapy in Tulsa to address all your concerns and goals for treatment. We provide you with an engaging and supportive approach to physical therapy so you can take what you learn in our physical therapy clinics and implement these techniques long after you have recovered. Physical therapy provides a wide range of benefits for people of all ages to recover and rehabilitate after an injury or surgery. We offer pediatric therapy for children of all ages and work alongside parents and pediatricians to provide your child with comprehensive care. We offer a family-friendly and patient-centered approach to physical therapy so you and your child will always feel comfortable when you visit PT Solutions.


Occupational Therapy in Tulsa

In addition to physical therapy, PT Solutions physical therapists in Tulsa also work alongside occupational therapists to help you effectively recover and rehabilitate. Occupational therapy provides supportive solutions to help you complete everyday functional tasks, like getting dressed and eating. An injury or health condition may limit your ability to perform activities of daily living. An occupational therapist can help you regain your confidence and strength so that you can participate in activities you want and need to do. Occupational therapy at PT Solutions benefits people of all ages, from children working through developmental stages to adults recovering from spinal cord injuries or cancer. Our occupational therapists work alongside physical therapists and other clinicians to provide you with comprehensive care and solutions to address your specific needs and healthcare goals.


Tulsa Sports Rehabilitation

Athletes of all performance levels can reap the benefits of physical therapy. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, physical therapy can help you improve your physical performance and provide you with tools for recovery and rehabilitation after an injury. Physical therapy can also help athletes learn how to prevent injuries by focusing on improving strength, range of motion, and skill-based improvement. Our team of physical therapists and sports clinicians want to help you return to your sport as quickly and safely as possible. At PT Solutions, we provide a Return to Play program that will help athletes of all ages transition from physical therapy services back to their sport. Tulsa physical therapists work with common injuries among athletes like concussions, ACL and MCL tears, shoulder injuries, and more. We offer comprehensive services like running analysis and golf swing analysis to help you improve your skill and technique, which can also help reduce your risk for injury.


PT Solutions Specialty Services in Tulsa

In addition to our core services, PT Solutions physical therapy clinics in Tulsa offer specialty services at each location. We offer vestibular rehab to treat vestibular conditions with physical therapy to help you get back to enjoying your daily activities without dizziness and imbalance. Vestibular conditions can affect your balance and mobility, which can make you more susceptible to falls and injury. Our physical therapists provide vestibular therapy and rehabilitation with training and expertise to develop a personalized plan of care for you. Vestibular rehab may include gaze stability exercises, balance and gait training, power and strength training, and our falls prevention program. You may be interested in vestibular rehab at PT Solutions if you are dealing with a central vestibular disorder, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, migraines, or a traumatic brain injury.


PT Solutions of Tulsa also offer specialty services like dry needling for muscular problems and pain. Patients who deal with chronic headaches, muscle spasms, tendonitis, and acute or chronic injuries may benefit from dry needling. Visit a Tulsa dry needling clinic near you to experience the benefits of this approach to pain relief and improved functioning. These small needles stimulate muscles and address muscle knots to help relieve your pain. Your physical therapist may recommend dry needling alongside other evidence-based treatments like exercise and manual therapy so you can experience lasting pain relief and improvement. Our physical therapists combine multiple treatment strategies to ensure the most successful and effective outcomes for everyone who comes through our doors.


Find a PT Solutions location near you in Tulsa and experience first-hand how our approach to physical therapy will help you return safely and swiftly to your regular routines and activities.