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Physical Therapy Clinics Near You

About our Physical Therapy Clinic in Asheville

PT Solutions Physical Therapy in Asheville, NC, provides several locations with some of the city’s leading clinicians in the field. Our physical therapists and clinicians provide children, adults, sports teams, and workplaces with evidence-based approaches to physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more. At PT Solutions locations across Asheville, we aim to provide the local community with comprehensive care in a positive and encouraging environment. Our physical therapists and clinicians are dedicated to continuing education and staying up-to-date on all the latest research-based approaches to recovery and rehabilitation. Whether you are recovering from an injury, preparing for surgery, or looking for support on your physical wellness journey, our team at PT Solutions in Asheville is here to help.

I had a short spell of BPPV / Vertigo and it was absolutely debilitatingly miserable. I went to several doctors and was barely existing on my meclizine prescription until I found Chicago Balance. Dr. Isabella was so wonderful and understanding of the difficulties I was experiencing. I was given exercises to practice at home and at their office and was able to feel myself getting better. Moreover, the short experience I had at Chicago Balance really helped my mental health. The feeling of dizziness can make you feel crazy and afraid that no one really believes how sick you are. The staff there makes you feel supported and hopeful. I was very lucky that my spell was only two weeks but I know if it comes back, I will call Chicago Balance Chicago before I even call a doctor.

Leslie M. - Chicago, IL


Chicago Balance Center is a truly amazing place, and specifically Dr. Kylie Schmidlkofer. I found Balance after my bilateral mastectomy/surgery #5, and I am so very grateful. We worked on reestablishing my core strength and stability, range of motion, lymphatic swelling, scar care, and added in additional work for unrelated plantar fasciitis. I am so proud to say that I have recently ‘graduated’ from PT, and the work was so worthwhile. I feel better than I have in years!!!

Deanne R. - Chicago, IL


The staff is amazing! Very professional! Great experience!

Denise R. - Chicago, IL


A huge thank you to the staff at PT Solutions at Vickery Village. Mike is one of the kindest and most sincere people I’ve worked with through my journey to recovery. He knows exactly what I need and has been very encouraging through the process. I was in a lot of pain when I first started. I’m pretty much pain-free after working with Mike. I also want to acknowledge Sharia who has always been so polite, kind and professional!

Sheryl S. - Cumming, GA


Everyone was AWESOME! I enjoyed working with Madison, Jamie, and Marie. They all helped me tremendously.

Judy O. - Tulsa, OK


I cannot speak highly enough of this practice. Cody and his team are amazing people who care and aim to deliver the best treatment possible. My treatment at Strive Physical Therapy was tailored to my needs. There were multiple days my injury hindered me from doing certain exercises, and Cody changed my treatment on the spot to accommodate me. I personally enjoyed Cody’s ability to explain each exercise’s impact on treating my injury. I still use the stretches and exercises I was taught in treatment. The care I received was phenomenal.

Charles - Aquarena Springs


As a competitive athlete, I suffer from chronic Achilles tendinitis. I have been to numerous physical therapy groups in the area and the therapist at PT Solutions, Burnsville, has been the most helpful. The various treatments, as well as the education provided, have been extremely effective in allowing me to continue training and racing successfully. Emily, PA-C

Emily C. - Burnsville, NC

PT Solutions

Luke is a very caring and knowledgeable PT. He is an expert in treating sports related injuries and is passionate about helping all of this patients reach their goals.

Elisabeth B. - Canton, GA


Asheville Physical Therapy

Visit PT Solutions Asheville for a comprehensive approach to physical therapy, treatment, and care. When you work with an Asheville physical therapist at PT Solutions, you will experience quality and innovative approaches to physical therapy that focus on you and your healthcare goals. Our physical therapists combine a passion for science and training that inspires us to work with you every step of the way of your journey to recovery and rehabilitation. PT Solutions has multiple clinic locations across Asheville, so you can get the quality care you need at a convenient location near you. Our team of physical therapists and clinicians partner with you and encourage you to take an active role in your care.

Physical Therapy in Asheville

At PT Solutions in Asheville, our physical therapists love working with clients of all ages and levels of care. Whether you are looking for physical therapy in Asheville to help you recover from a recent injury or surgery, or you are looking to improve your performance on the playing field, our team is here to help. We strive to help you redefine recovery as you become an active participant as you move through your personalized treatment plan. Each person who visits PT Solutions for Asheville physical therapy will receive an individualized plan of care based on their specific needs and treatment goals. We never ascribe to a one-size-fits-all model at PT Solutions. Instead, our physical therapists put you first and devise a comprehensive plan that will keep you in motion.

Asheville Core Physical Therapy Services

Our Asheville physical therapists use evidence-based research results to implement innovative approaches to treatment and care for each patient who comes through our doors. We offer a warm and welcoming environment from your first visit to the office through your entire process. Your physical therapist will encourage you to take an active role in your rehabilitation and recovery. This will help you improve not only your strength and mobility, but also your overall confidence and wellbeing. Physical therapy at PT Solutions New Orleans is about more than just a series of stretches and exercises. Our physical therapists go through extensive training and continuing education to inform our treatment techniques to help you.

In addition to physical therapy, we also offer other core services like occupational therapy and speech therapy. Patients of all ages are welcome at PT Solutions clinics across Asheville. We offer pediatric therapy for toddlers to teens and help address a variety of health concerns, including injuries, surgeries, and reaching developmental milestones. Our physical therapists work alongside speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists to help your child reach their full potential. We offer the highest standard of care for each of our patients, no matter their age! We recognize the benefits and importance of occupational therapy for our aging population and create therapeutic environments to help you achieve your healthcare goals.

Specialty Services at PT Solutions Asheville

No matter what brings you to PT Solutions in Asheville, our team of clinicians is here to help. Don’t let pain or dysfunction keep you from living your best life. In addition to our core physical therapy services, our physical therapists and clinicians also provide specialty services to help you recover and conquer a wide range of conditions. Visit PT Solutions for Asheville dry needling clinics near you to experience this innovative approach to managing pain. Physical therapy combined with a technique like dry needling can help you experience lasting pain relief from your injury or health condition. Dry needling and other specialty services offer additional support to alleviate your pain and discomfort without the need for medication or injections. Work with your physical therapist to reduce your pain and discomfort while improving your strength and mobility.

Sports-Specific Physical Therapy Services

Athletes of all ages and skill levels can benefit from sports-specific physical therapy services at PT Solutions. Check out your local Asheville sports rehab center near you and take an active role in injury recovery and preventative care. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to suffer an injury to see a physical therapist. In fact, sports physical therapists can help everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes improve performance and prevent injuries. Work with a physical therapist at PT Solutions to improve your technique through programs we offer, like running analysis or golf swing analysis. Our Asheville therapists will help you identify areas of improvement and develop a targeted plan of care. You will receive an entirely unique and comprehensive treatment plan that will address your needs and goals for improvement.

Learn how to prevent injury and avoid painful conditions that may be triggered or made worse by certain sports or activities. Our physical therapists have an extensive understanding of exercise science, biomechanics, and physiology that inform their approach to your care. Through identifying weakness, instability, and other vulnerabilities, our physical therapists can work with you to target these areas and offer patient education on secondary elements like how proper posture and movement can support your injury prevention and recovery efforts. If you have already suffered an injury, a physical therapist can evaluate and assess your injuries to develop the best plan of action. Your treatment plan will include goals and outcomes specific to you and will help keep you safe and healthy going forward.

Recovery & Rehabilitation with Asheville Therapists

PT Solutions of Asheville offers a wide range of physical therapy and specialty services to help meet your every need. From therapeutic exercise and activity to occupational therapy, we work with a team of professionals dedicated to your overall health and wellbeing. Visit a PT Solutions location in Asheville near you to experience our innovative approach to physical therapy for yourself. Schedule your first appointment and meet one-on-one with an Asheville physical therapist for a thorough assessment and begin working together to set goals and outcomes for treatment. We will work with you to create a schedule and timeline for your physical therapy appointments that will have you feeling better in no time!


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