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Physical Therapy Clinics Near You

Physical Therapy in Atlanta

Visit PT Solutions Atlanta for physical therapy and comprehensive recovery and rehabilitation support. You may be looking for Atlanta physical therapy near you following a recent accident or to help with chronic pain. With several locations across metro Atlanta, PT Solutions offers a wide range of services to address your health and wellness needs. Our core services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, pediatric therapy, neurological rehabilitation, and hand therapy. We also offer specialty services, including vestibular rehabilitation, prehab therapy, covid recovery, and more. Visit a PT Solutions clinic near you to get started with a physical therapist in Atlanta today.

Pediatric Therapy

Physical therapy services at PT Solutions of Atlanta extend to children with pediatric therapy. From toddlers to teens, we provide a family-friendly space for children 0 to 18 to engage in physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy for young patients. We recognize the importance of supporting physical, social, and cognitive development in children and provide pediatric therapy services that are appropriate for the age and developmental stage of your child. Whether your child is recovering from a recent injury or unsuccessfully meeting their next developmental milestone, our physical therapists can help. We offer innovative approaches to pediatric therapy that include active and encouraging treatments and techniques. Our pediatric therapy services are comprehensive, coordinated, and take a team-based approach. We will work alongside parents and pediatricians to make sure your child receives the best care available.

Dry Needling

Pain afflicts millions of people each year, and physical therapy can provide you with effective treatments and techniques to reduce your discomfort. Dry needling in Atlanta is a complementary treatment strategy many physical therapists incorporate as an effective solution for pain relief. Contrary to what it might seem, dry needling does not involve injecting anything into the body and instead uses tiny needles to stimulate trigger points in the body. People who struggle with chronic headaches or migraines have found relief from dry needling along with the benefits of physical therapy in reducing or preventing future discomfort. Physical therapists combine multiple treatment strategies, including dry needling, to offer patients the greatest opportunity for success in recovery.

Hand Therapy

Physical therapy in Atlanta can also address hand or wrist dysfunction that is preventing you from completing everyday tasks or living without pain. Our physical therapists at PT Solutions work alongside occupational therapists and certified hand therapists to help with everything from localized dysfunction to injury recovery. Issues in the hands and wrists can impact your daily routine and keep you from activities you enjoy. Hand therapy can help with pain, weakness, and reduced mobility in your hand or wrist. If you recently suffered a broken wrist or are dealing with the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, a physical therapist can help. Physical therapists utilize hand therapy to improve grip strength, assist in passive and active range of motion exercises, and offer soft tissue and joint mobilization in your hand or wrist. Our team at PT Solutions also incorporates patient education in our friendly and encouraging environment. We can talk with you about your goals for care and even teach you how to practice safe exercises at home to continue improving your upper extremity strength and endurance.

Vestibular Rehab

Do you experience frequent bouts of dizziness or vertigo due to a vestibular condition? If so, then vestibular rehabilitation may be able to help. Physical therapists at PT Solutions of Atlanta offer vestibular therapy for people with migraines, Meniere’s disease, post-concussion syndrome, and other vestibular disorders. Dizziness and imbalance can put you at greater risk for falls and further injuries that negatively impact your mobility. A physical therapist certified in vestibular rehab will provide you with an exercise-based program to reduce your dizziness, vertigo, and other issues with imbalance. Vestibular rehab will typically involve a combination of exercises and techniques that address gaze, stability, balance, gait, and strength.

Sports Rehab & Performance

PT Solutions offers a sports rehab center in Atlanta, GA, with a qualified and energetic team of physical therapists. Physical therapy is not just for professional athletes! Everyone from weekend marathon runners to children playing recreational sports can benefit from sports rehab with a physical therapist. Sports rehabilitation focuses on supporting your healing and recovery after an injury. From concussions to overuse injuries, athletes at all levels can work with a physical therapist to improve their strength and mobility while also regaining their confidence to get back on the field.

PT Solutions of Atlanta offers sports-specific services, including running analysis to assess your joint mobility, strength, and coordination. We offer tailor-made treatment plans to help you rehabilitate, recover, and improve your performance. Visit a physical therapist for a running analysis as you prepare to run your next marathon or if you want to get all the best health benefits out of jogging around your neighborhood. Learn how to improve your golf game with golf swing analysis to help improve your power, strength, and flexibility. Learn proper warm-up techniques and an individualized workout program to help improve your performance and prevent future injuries.

Physical Therapy in Metro Atlanta

When you visit PT Solutions of Atlanta, you will get more than a series of exercises to complete. Our team of physical therapists and professionals strive to create a positive and encouraging environment from the second you walk through our doors. We utilize innovative approaches to physical therapy so that you can reap all the benefits of working with a physical therapist. We offer evidence-based treatments supported by the latest research in the field, and our physical therapists are constantly learning and educating themselves on how to best serve our patients. We are experts in movement and have the knowledge and training to address the entire musculoskeletal system. Visit a physical therapist in Atlanta to reduce pain, improve your range of motion, and recover from an injury or recent surgery. Physical therapy at PT Solutions also helps you prepare for an upcoming surgery or avoid surgery altogether. Schedule an appointment with a physical therapist at PT Solutions of Atlanta and get started with one of our physical therapists today!