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Smyrna – South Cobb Dr

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Smyrna, GA 30080

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About Our Physical Therapy Clinic In Smyrna

At PT Solutions Smyrna South Cobb Dr, your overall experience with us is just as important as the expert physical therapy treatments we provide. You will always be greeted with smiles by our friendly and welcoming team of professionals who like to keep our clinic full of energy. Our clinicians serve a wide variety of ages and treat various conditions. Our convenient location provides easy access to physical therapy for everyone in Smyrna, GA, and the surrounding communities.

Visit Smyrna physical therapy for an innovative approach to recovery and rehabilitation with a trusted physical therapist. Our team of physical therapists at PT Solutions recognizes the importance of helping you take charge of your health and well-being through exercise-based goal setting and treatment solutions. We pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcoming environment where you feel comfortable taking an active role in your recovery. Whether you are recovering from surgery or aiming to improve your performance in your sport, physical therapy in Smyrna can help you. At PT Solutions, we believe physical therapy is about more than just a series of exercises. We work with each patient individually to help you set and achieve goals that work for you.

Physical Therapy in Smyrna, GA

Our comprehensive physical therapy services at PT Solutions in Smyrna include an initial visit, continued care, and a multidisciplinary approach to your healing and recovery. Our physical therapists will work with you to restore healthy functioning or lost mobility after an injury or surgery. Physical therapy offers a wide range of benefits before and after a surgical procedure. Learn more about how prehab with a physical therapist can better prepare you for an upcoming procedure and how physical therapy afterward can speed up your recovery process. Physical therapists at PT Solutions are experts in movement and have extensive knowledge and training in the musculoskeletal system. Some benefits of physical therapy include reducing your pain, improving your range of motion, and even preventing future injuries.

Healing from a sudden injury can take a village, and our Smyrna physical therapy team is here to support you. From car accident injuries to slips and falls, musculoskeletal injuries can limit mobility and leave you feeling weak, stiff, and in pain. Work with a physical therapist to reintroduce movements and activities safely and effectively into your daily routine once more. A physical therapist provides you with a plan for rehabilitation that will ensure a successful outcome. Set personalized goals with your Smyrna physical therapist and experience the personalized care plans we develop based on your specific condition and needs. At PT Solutions, we want you to finish up your time with us feeling stronger than ever before and confident that you can take what you have learned into your regular routines and activities.

Pediatric Therapy at Smyrna Physical Therapy

Physical therapy isn’t just for adults! In fact, we offer pediatric physical therapy for children of all ages. From toddlers to teens, we work with children dealing with injuries, illnesses, and health conditions of all kinds. Our physical therapy approach to working with children involves a partnership with the family, pediatrician, and other specialty services to ensure your child receives the best care. Pediatric therapy will involve a thorough evaluation to assess your child’s strength, mobility, and achievement of developmental milestones. Our family-friendly physical therapy clinic in Smyrna offers a fun space for your child to participate actively in their treatment. In addition to pediatric therapy, we work alongside occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists when appropriate to help boost your child’s physical performance and confidence.

Smyrna Specialty Services 

At PT Solutions in Smyrna, we offer more than your traditional stretching and exercise programs associated with physical therapy. While our physical therapists do walk you through stretches and exercises to help you reach your goals, we also offer specialty services like dry needling to complement our core services. Dry needling stimulates connective tissues and brings healthy blood flow and pain relief to various parts of your musculoskeletal system. Your physical therapist may recommend dry needling and other treatments to help manage pain and stiff, sore muscles. Dry needling is rooted in scientific principles and targets areas of tension in your muscles. Your physical therapist may recommend dry needling to help you experience pain relief from muscle spasms, acute and chronic injuries, and athletic injuries. We have a licensed physical therapist to perform dry needling at PT Solutions of Smyrna.

Sports Services at Smyrna Physical Therapy

Athletes of all ages and skill levels can benefit from working with a physical therapist. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need an injury or recent surgery to get physical therapy. In fact, sports physical therapy works with athletes to both heal from and prevent injuries. Learn how to improve your physical performance with stretches, exercises, and manual therapies like soft tissue mobilization with athletic training. Our physical therapists trained in sports physical therapy have additional knowledge and skills in exercise science and biomechanics to address common injuries and conditions that impact athletes. No two athletes will receive the same approach to physical therapy because every person is unique, and different sports and activities require various physical demands on the body.

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to experience sports physical therapy at PT Solutions of Smyrna. We work with everyone from avid weekend golfers to children playing in a recreational sports league. Learn how to improve your skills and technique so you can perform even better on the field and engage in preventative strategies to keep you healthy, safe, and strong. We evaluate and assess sports injuries of all kinds and utilize a personalized, in-depth physical examination to determine the underlying cause of your pain. The initial phase of your physical therapy treatment will focus on reducing and managing your pain effectively so we can focus on functional and mobility testing. We also offer a Return to Play program to help athletes transition from physical therapy back to their sport or activity of choice as quickly and safely as possible.

What Conditions We Treat

At PT Solutions, we offer physical therapy in Smyrna, GA, to target a wide range of injuries and conditions. From ACL and MCL tears to concussions to neurological disorders, our movement experts are here to help you. Our physical therapists want to help you regain your strength, mobility, and confidence so you can return to activities you enjoy and perform at your best.

PT Solutions has a great staff who care about getting you back to your activities. From the front desk to the physical therapists, they are patient in answering all your questions. I spent most of my time with Caitlin and she challenged me and built my confidence up to where I trust my body to be active again. She listened to me and attended to all of my needs making me stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m incredibly happy to be back running and lifting weights due to Caitlin and everyone at PT Solutions Smyrna! Thank you so much!

Jade F. - Smyrna, GA