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Mentorship Program

PT Solutions Structured Mentorship

As part of our mission to provide research-supported care, mentorship is a vital part of our practice. For any clinician, new or seasoned, participating in a structured mentoring program can help develop the skills necessary to evolve and grow within an ever-changing healthcare system.

We currently offer two mentorship experiences: the PT Solutions Mentorship Program and Distance Mentorship.

The PT Solutions Mentorship Program is a six-month post-graduate program that serves as an excellent stepping stone to more advanced training, residency program, specialty exams, and more.

  • 90-minute weekly didactic sessions
  • 2 hours per week of in-clinic mentorship
  • 4-6 articles and 1 leadership video are provided each week.
  • No financial commitment

*NEW* The PT Solutions Distance Mentoring Model is for current graduate students looking to advance in the physical and occupational therapy industries and their professional careers upon graduation. Practicing clinicians are paired with a student based on individual interests and personality.

  • 4 months with each assigned mentor
  • Monthly/quarterly meetings
  • Opportunity for mentoring from several different perspectives and career paths
  • Personalized guidance for career preparation

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