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Running Analysis

Optimize Performance & Reduce The Risk Of Injury

Whether you run marathons or simply enjoy an easy jog around the neighborhood to stay healthy, a running analysis can help you improve your form and avoid injury. The analysis provides insight into the mechanics of your running. This breakdown includes elements such as stride length and foot placement.

At PT Solutions, we help runners of all kinds reach their goals with a thorough running analysis. Beginning with a full evaluation, our therapists will determine what treatments will be most beneficial for you. Equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and experience, our therapists are able to give you actionable insights that lead to better, more enjoyable runs.

PT Solutions Running Analysis

How Does A Running Analysis Work?

Your running analysis will start with a full lower extremity evaluation. This includes the use of specialized equipment to help analyze how you run.

Your therapist will look for inefficiencies in three specific areas where issues occur:

  • Joint mobility
  • Strength
  • Coordination

Based on the results of your analysis, your therapist will then create a plan of care to help you improve your running.


This service is available at select locations. Please contact your preferred clinic for more information.