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East Asheville

1141 Tunnel Road, Suite E
Asheville, NC 28805

Call Or Text: 828.298.4720

Fax: 828.298.4754

About our Physical Therapy Clinic in Asheville

At PT Solutions of East Asheville, our focus is to provide a plan of care that puts you on a path to wellness designed to help you reach your goals. Our clinic has a welcoming environment that is full of energy to keep you motivated throughout your treatments. From the moment you walk in, our fun and family-like atmosphere is immediately noticeable. You will be greeted by our friendly and professional team that is ready to guide you through your physical therapy journey. Our expert clinicians treat a wide variety of age groups and many conditions, and our central location makes us easily accessible for all members of the Asheville, NC community.

I’m a physician, in from out of town, Laura Oliver saw me. I have acute on chronic issues and am a big proponent of PT. But it’s very difficult to find a PT who truly understands biomechanics and the critical connections between different body systems. Laura does. Without exaggeration, she’s is one of the best, most intelligent, comprehensive and pleasant DPTs I’ve ever worked with. She helped tremendously, educated me on the right exercises to start with and most important she truly understood what was going on, why, and how to correct The issues over time and with the right commitment. What was remarkable was that all the exercises she told me to do were the exercises that my body had started to naturally gravitating towards. But I just didn’t know how to do them correctly or how it all fit together. She’s an excellent practitioner and clinician and I would absolutely recommend her to my friends and family. I only wish she or someone just like her was in my hometown.

Shoni B. - Asheville, NC