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About our Physical Therapy Clinic in Leander

Welcome to PT Solutions Leander. Our top priority is creating a personalized care plan that helps you achieve your health goals. Our clinic offers a friendly atmosphere to keep you motivated throughout your therapeutic journey. As soon as you walk through our doors, you’ll feel like part of our close-knit family. We’re conveniently located in the heart of Leander, TX, making it easy for everyone in the community to access the transformative benefits of physical therapy. Our commitment to providing uncomplicated and convenient care is unwavering.

Visit Leander physical therapy for a fun and innovative approach to treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery. Our team at PT Solutions in Leander understands that physical therapy is about more than just a series of exercises. We strive to make your entire experience with us successful and engaging. Whether you are recovering from a recent surgery or looking to improve your performance on the sports field, our physical therapists are here to help. At PT Solutions, our Leander physical therapy team offers evidence-based treatments geared toward improving your strength, mobility, and confidence along the way. We provide patient education so you can learn how to extend the benefits of your care even after your plan of care with us is over.

Physical Therapy in Leander, TX

Physical therapists are experts in movement, and you can get expert care when you visit PT Solutions in Leander, Texas. You might associate physical therapy with something necessary as you recover from surgery or something essential for athletic performance. However, physical therapy can benefit people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Work with a physical therapist to restore healthy functioning and improve mobility no matter the cause. Physical therapists undergo extensive training and offer a broad set of knowledge and skills to address concerns that impact your musculoskeletal system. Work with a physical therapist near you to reduce pain, recover from an injury, improve your range of motion, and learn how to prepare for and recover from surgery. Physical therapy also provides preventative care and can help you prevent injuries more effectively or avoid surgery altogether.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Our team at PT Solutions in Leander will support you through rehabilitation and recovery after an injury or surgery. Damage to your musculoskeletal system can prevent you from moving around like you used to and impact your ability to complete daily tasks and routines. A physical therapist will work with you to regain strength, flexibility, and range of motion in a safe and controlled environment. Your rehabilitation process after an injury or surgery will inform how quickly and effectively you can recover. Restoring your body after it has sustained damage takes work, and a physical therapist can help. Each person will have a unique experience with physical therapy and set goals based on their specific condition and needs for recovery. Your physical therapist will provide you with a personalized plan of care to support a swift recovery and help reduce your risk of re-injury.

Leander Pediatric Therapy

Physical therapy offers a wide range of benefits for everyone, including children, teens, and young adults. Pediatric therapy at PT Solutions provides physical therapy to children of all ages who may need support as they move through developmental stages, recover from an injury, or manage a congenital condition. At PT Solutions, we create a family-friendly environment where children can actively participate in their recovery. We want to help your child get back to their daily routines and playing sports and activities they enjoy. Pediatric therapy and rehabilitation offer family-focused interventions to help your child continue to succeed. Our physical therapists are highly trained and skilled in the developmental stages and understand the importance of physical, social, cognitive, and communication skills for children of all ages. Together with your child’s pediatrician, our team at PT Solutions partners with your family to ensure your child achieves appropriate milestones. We provide families with children a multidisciplinary approach to intervention where your child may work with a trusted team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists.

Specialty Services at Leander Physical Therapy

We offer a wide range of specialty services at PT Solutions of Leander, from vestibular rehabilitation to dry needling. Vestibular therapy and rehabilitation will help you return to your regular routines and activities while reducing impacts on your mobility and healthy functioning. Vestibular conditions like dizziness or imbalance can put you at greater risk for falls and other injuries that can further impact your regular mobility. With vestibular therapy, your Leander physical therapist will walk you through an exercise-based program that will help reduce your symptoms like dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance. Vestibular rehab offers techniques to address gaze stability, balance and gait training, and our fall prevention program.

We also offer dry needling in Leander for a complementary approach to pain relief and improving overall functioning. Dry needling is a passive intervention performed by highly trained physical therapists that can be used in tandem with exercise and manual therapy. Your physical therapist may recommend dry needling to help ease your pain and improve healthy functioning by targeting muscle stiffness. Dry needling targets trigger points in your muscles to help release built-up tension. Physical therapists incorporate a range of treatment techniques in addition to stretches and exercises to address the root cause of your pain and other symptoms. Dry needling benefits those with frequent headaches, muscle spasms, and acute and chronic injuries.    

Leander Sports Specific Services

Visit PT Solutions for physical therapy in Leander, where you can optimize your performance and reduce your risk for injury while playing sports. We offer a wide range of sports-specific services, including running and golf swing analysis. A running analysis provides runners of all ages and skill levels with a thorough evaluation to assess their joint mobility, strength, and coordination. Learn how to improve your golf game with golf swing analysis at your Leander physical therapist’s office. We offer a thorough biomechanical evaluation and work with you to improve your posture, golf swing mechanics, balance, and flexibility. We provide each athlete with an individualized workout program and injury prevention plan to help ensure your success on and off the field.

At PT Solutions, our Leander physical therapists treat various conditions, including back pain, neck pain, neurological dysfunction, developmental disorders, and musculoskeletal injuries. Visit us to learn more about how your local Leander physical therapist can help support you with our innovative solutions for recovery and rehabilitation.


I worked with Steve (Dr. Hodgson) after a knee injury and I can’t recommend him enough. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and followed up with me during my in-home exercises.

Sheena F. - Leander, TX