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San Marcos

1340 Wonder World Dr, Bldg 2, Ste 2100
San Marcos, TX 78666

Call Or Text: 512.753.3539

Fax: 512.753.3541

About Our Physical Therapy Clinic In San Marcos

PT Solutions San Marcos is a private practice owned and operated by physical therapists who offer a comprehensive menu of physical therapy and other services. At PT Solutions in San Marcos, we do not simply offer basic physical therapy to help patients recover from an injury or surgery and send them on their way. Instead, we offer an evidence-based approach to quality and comprehensive care in a fun and friendly environment. Our team of physical therapists and clinicians strives to challenge traditional physical therapy by offering research-based and innovative approaches to care. We work with clients of all ages and with varying levels of fitness and mobility. Physical therapy can benefit children experiencing growth spurts, weekend athletes, and even people who suffer from chronic pain.

I have been a patient at PT Solutions for 7 months. The San Marcos location is run by the best, nicest and most caring people! I hurt my back in August, my sciatic nerve was killing me. My wife rolled me into this place in a wheelchair, I met Kelly that that day, she worked on me for about an hour . She had me walking out at the facility, she said just to try and act normal. I mowed the grass the the next day and was back at the clinic the following day. The people at the clinic were amazed. They worked on my back for a couple of months and then noticed I couldn’t move to get on or off the table with ease. They began working on my shoulder which is damaged by arthritis! They are Helping me strengthen the shoulder muscles to prepare me for future shoulder replacement. This is an awesome place to help with your physical therapy!

Gerry M. - San Marcos, TX


Physical Therapy in San Marcos

At PT Solutions San Marcos, Texas, we provide additional services, including dry needling, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and workers’ compensation support. Our team of therapists includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists who all work together in one convenient location. Our physical therapists offer a wide range of specialized care, from manual therapy to dry needling and vestibular therapy. Our occupational therapists can assist with a variety of daily tasks and functions, as well as movement disorder rehabilitation and post-operative rehabilitation. Our speech therapists work with a variety of patients to help regain independence through improving communication skills. This may include language disorders, stuttering, feeding disorders, and stroke rehabilitation.

Physical therapists in San Marcos, Texas, use a variety of techniques to help meet patient’s goals and achieve successful treatment outcomes. We use the latest scientific evidence, and our physical therapists undergo continuing education and advanced training to provide this type of quality, specialized care. From joint manipulation and mobilization to focused strengthening techniques, our physical therapists may use manual therapy and a hands-on approach in order to achieve the best results. Dry needling is another technique our team of physical therapists may incorporate into your individualized treatment plan that can stimulate trigger points and help treat conditions causing pain and other dysfunctions.

PT Solutions Physical Therapy in San Marcos, Texas, is located just south of the city off I-35 and across the street from Christus-Santa Rosa Hospital. Whether you are recovering from an injury or seeking an innovative approach to addressing your chronic pain, our physical therapists and clinicians are here to help. Our team at PT Solutions in San Marcos develops tailored therapeutic programs to address pain and limitations and help prevent injuries in the future. Visit PT Solutions Physical Therapy near you in San Marcos and experience how our team of physical therapists and clinicians offer the most quality and comprehensive care in the area!