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Lake Ridge

12436 Dillingham Square
Lake Ridge, VA 22192

Call Or Text: 703.340.2921

Fax: 703.340.2916

About our Physical Therapy Clinic in Lake Ridge

At PT Solutions of Lake Ridge, we’re more than physical therapists. We’re also your biggest fans, always motivating and encouraging you to help you reach your goals. That makes the atmosphere in our clinic fun and engaging and full of positive energy. We treat patients of all ages and with a variety of conditions. We’re also proud to accept Tricare insurance which allows us to help members of the military.

It was a long recovery after my left foot surgery back in Nov 2020. As soon as I got the go from my doctor to start PT, I did my research and found PT solutions in Lake Ridge. Let me say that I have no regrets ever coming to this place. The awesome two friendly ladies at the front desk would always make you feel welcomed when you walked in. Each physical therapist who helped me to get back on my feet, literally, worked with me step by step and got me to the point where I can now start jogging, but S/O to Nate and Lisa who worked with me since day one. I barely take the time to write reviews for businesses, but you guys became family to me as time went on, but I am sad that my PT journey is slowly coming to an end. I had a lot of great memories, conversations, and made new friends along the way. With that said, I highly recommend PT solutions in Lake Ridge if you are looking for a physical therapist, even if your doctor tells you otherwise. Go with you gut feeling, and do what’s best for you. Thank you to the entire staff and thank you for helping me to get my left foot back to where it was. You guys freaking rock!

Panicking Pat - Lake Ridge, VA