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10260 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22030

Call Or Text: 571-279-6844

Fax: 703-991-8141

About our Physical Therapy Clinic in Fairfax

At PT Solutions of Fairfax, our focus is to provide a plan of care that puts you on a path to wellness designed to help you reach your goals. Our clinic has a welcoming environment that is full of energy to keep you motivated throughout your treatments. From the moment you walk in, our fun and family-like atmosphere is immediately noticeable. You will be greeted by our friendly and professional team that is ready to guide you through your physical therapy journey. Our expert clinicians treat a wide variety of age groups and many conditions, and our central location makes us easily accessible for all members of the Fairfax, VA community.

Fairfax Physical Therapy

Visit PT Solutions of Fairfax for quality, comprehensive physical therapy. Our teams of physical therapists create personalized treatment and care plans for each patient so you can get the specific type of support you need to recover, heal, and return to optimal functioning. At PT Solutions, we aim to provide a welcoming and energetic atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and encouraged to recover and improve. Whether you are in need of physical therapy while you recover from a recent injury or are looking to improve your athletic skills, our physical therapists are here to help.

Innovative Physical Therapy at PT Solutions of Fairfax

From the moment you step foot in our physical therapy clinic, our staff is here to support you along your journey. Our physical therapists do more than simply offer traditional physical therapy. We provide each patient with personalized treatment and care using the latest research-driven data and techniques for the best results. PT Solutions physical therapists work with patients of all ages and with a wide variety of conditions and concerns that may affect your everyday life. Experience our fun and family-friendly atmosphere for yourself at PT Solutions of Fairfax, Va.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

At PT Solutions of Fairfax, we offer pediatric therapy for toddlers to teenagers. Whether your child recently suffered an injury, needs surgery, or needs some support moving through developmental milestones, our physical therapists are here to help. We offer a family-focused atmosphere and approach to physical therapy so that you and your child feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire experience. Physical therapists can help children of all ages recover from injuries, prevent future injuries, and improve athletic performance.

Concussion Care and Recovery

Physical therapy in Fairfax at PT Solutions also offers comprehensive treatment and care for concussions and traumatic brain injuries. If you recently suffered a blow to the head or were injured in a car accident, then you may have been diagnosed with a concussion. Our physical therapists can help you recover from a concussion safely and effectively. We also offer neurological and vestibular rehabilitation to help you regain your balance, increase your strength, and improve your mobility.

Athletic Performance and Physical Therapy

Weekend warriors and professional athletes alike can benefit from quality physical therapy at PT Solutions of Fairfax. Only one clinic for physical therapy in Fairfax, Va, offers one-on-one treatment and support for a wide array of sports and fitness. From running analysis to golf swing analysis, our physical therapists want to help you improve and participate in physical activities safely. Visit PT Solutions for physical therapy located right on Main Street in Fairfax, Va.


PT Solutions earned my trust and my thanks.

Eric B. - Fairfax, VA



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