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McLean, VA 22102

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About our Physical Therapy Clinic in McLean

At PT Solutions McLean, we place great importance on ensuring that your entire experience with us is exceptional, in addition to providing top-notch physical therapy treatments. Our team of professionals is friendly and welcoming, and we strive to maintain a vibrant and lively atmosphere at our clinic. Our clinicians have extensive experience in treating a wide range of ages and conditions, and we are conveniently located to serve the McLean, VA and surrounding communities. We are committed to making physical therapy easily accessible to all who need it.

McLean Physical Therapy

Visit PT Solutions McLean Physical Therapy for quality, comprehensive physical therapy and supportive services. Physical therapists treat a wide variety of injuries and health conditions that can lead to abnormal physical functioning. Our physical therapists at PT Solutions McLean are trained and licensed in movement and mobility. An injury, disability, or health condition can restrict your range of motion and negatively impact your quality of life. Physical therapy at PT Solutions will include innovative approaches to improving your range of motion and positively impacting your overall quality of life. Our McLean physical therapists also work with you to help prevent further injuries and set you up for success in the future. Get started at PT Solutions for physical therapy in McLean, VA, where you can receive personalized attention and treatment from initial diagnosis through recovery and prevention.

PT Solutions Services for Everyone

PT Solutions provides foundational and specialty services for patients of all ages and stages of rehabilitation. Many patients receive a referral from their primary doctor or surgeon for continued care and support from a physical therapist. Physical therapy can be both a standalone treatment and part of a greater treatment plan, depending on your needs and goals. For physical therapy in McLean, PT Solutions provides community members with a safe and comfortable space to become active participants in their treatment. Physical therapy provides a wide range of health benefits for children through older adults. Our physical therapists at PT Solutions conduct physical examinations and evaluations before developing individualized plans of treatment for each person who visits our physical therapy clinic. Physical therapy is about more than just a series of prescribed stretches and exercises; it allows you to take an active role in your healing process and gain confidence along with strength and mobility.

Physical Therapy for Recovery & Rehabilitation

If you recently suffered an injury, then physical therapy can help. Many people seek out a physical therapist after a car accident injury or slip and fall as part of their recovery and rehabilitation process. Car accident injuries like whiplash can cause pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. Damage to soft tissues in a sudden accident can leave you feeling weak and wobbly in your confidence. A physical therapist can work with you to manage the pain caused by your injuries and reduce your need for opioids and other powerful medications. When you visit a physical therapist after an injury, this can also help you avoid more invasive procedures or treatment options like surgery. An injury can leave your muscles feeling weak, and you may not be able to participate in activities like you used to. Physical therapy for an injury will help you improve your movement and mobility. Stretches, exercises, and other hands-on techniques with a physical therapist will help you regain flexibility, balance, and confidence in your movements again.

Physical Therapy Before & After Surgery

Many people associate physical therapy with part of recovery after a recent surgery, but did you know a physical therapist can also help you before surgery? In fact, physical therapy before surgery can actually help improve your stamina for an invasive procedure and reduce the length of your recovery. Your McLean physical therapist can help you prepare your body for a surgical procedure by improving your strength and stability beforehand. Some surgeries and procedures require a certain period of time with reduced or completely restricted mobility. Physical therapy before an upcoming procedure is sometimes referred to as pre-therapy or prehab. Work with your physical therapist to take a proactive approach to manage your rehabilitation after an upcoming surgery or other invasive procedure. Prehab allows you to take a preventative approach to rehabilitation and improve your balance and range of motion before surgery. This can help set you up for success when you recover after surgery. When your body is stronger going into an invasive procedure like surgery, you will be better equipped to handle the recovery process. Your body will also start to retain muscle memory of many physical therapy movements, which can make it easier for you to transition to rehabilitation after surgery.

Physical therapy provides numerous benefits as you recover from surgery, too. A physical therapist will meet you where you are at in your recovery and help you identify where you want to be. Musculoskeletal injuries that impact bones, joints, muscles, and other soft tissues can happen suddenly, known as an acute injury, or develop slowly over time, known as an overuse injury. Older adults who require surgical interventions like hip or knee replacements will experience significant benefits from physical therapy after surgery. Your McLean physical therapist will help you regain your strength, retrain certain movements, improve your balance, and increase your physical fitness levels. Cardiovascular or pulmonary surgery can negatively impact your endurance and stamina, but a physical therapist can help you work towards recovering and improving these.

PT Solutions for Children & Adolescents

Physical therapy is also available for children and adolescents at PT Solutions of McLean. Toddlers through teenagers can experience the vast benefits of physical therapy to help diagnose, treat, and manage injuries, health conditions, and developmental milestones. Any condition that impacts your child’s musculoskeletal system can negatively affect your child’s mobility and healthy functioning. Kids trip and fall all the time, but a more serious injury could limit their range of movement and leave them frustrated about restricted mobility. Physical therapists at PT Solutions offer pediatric therapy in conjunction with your child’s pediatrician to ensure they receive quality, comprehensive care. Our physical therapists offer an engaging and family-friendly environment where you and your child will feel comfortable learning active ways to manage pain, improve mobility, and develop or restore healthy functioning.

Sports Therapy at PT Solutions

Athletes at all levels of play will appreciate our physical therapy approach to sports injuries and performance improvement. At PT Solutions, we offer services for the casual neighborhood jogger to professional athletes. You don’t need to suffer an injury to see a physical therapist. Physical therapy will help you improve your strength and mobility so you can perform better in the activities you enjoy most. Visit PT Solutions in McLean for physical therapy to help you gain strength and improve your flexibility and range of motion.

Katie helped both my daughter and myself with our shoulder and back problems. She is professional, extremely good at she does, and additionally, just a sweet and kind person. I resisted going through physical therapy for the longest time, because I thought it would be pure torture, but an hour with Katie usually passed so quickly. We started out in the Mclean office, but later due to the pandemic, we had to switch to telehealth. I was skepitical at first but was pleasantly surprised how effective that was. Katie is simply the best. I would recommend her to my family and friends with no reservation whatsoever.

Feinian C. - McLean, VA