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Patient Triumph

Patient Triumph: Getting Families Back To Sport

July 14, 2016

hart-kidThe Hart family is an active bunch. Husband and wife Greg and Colleen hit the tennis court at least three times a week, and their younger daughters are involved in tennis and gymnastics.

In March of 2013, Colleen decided that her plantar fasciitis was hindering her activity level. She described the pain as “unbearable” while doing daily activities like walking, standing, and playing tennis. Instead of succumbing to the pain, Colleen visited an Orthopedic doctor who referred her to PT Solutions Physical Therapy. Colleen’s customized therapy plan involved intensive manual therapy and dry needling on her left foot and, since March, Colleen has made a complete recovery.

hart-familyImpressed with her therapy outcome, Colleen recommended her husband, Greg, attend therapy with PT Solutions when his elbow pain began inhibit tennis sessions. Greg recalls his initial decision to seek therapy: “I struggled with golfer’s elbow for almost a year, had been to two other doctors, and finally went to an orthopedic who prescribed physical therapy after a negative x-ray. I chose PT Solutions as my family had gone there for other issues and could not be happier.”

When Greg and Colleen’s daughter, Jenna, started to show signs of injury at gymnastics practice, Colleen brought Jenna to PT Solutions. PT Solutions counteracted Jenna’s intense gymnastic training with practices designed to prevent and heal injury. To know more about our services, you can visit any of our clinics in North Carolina or in other locations.