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Understanding Post-Surgical Pain and How PT Can Help

February 16, 2016

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Surgical intervention is sometimes the best treatment option for chronic concerns and injuries. However, simply having surgery isn’t enough to get you back to your ideal level of health. After having surgery, you will have to go through an intense recovery period. This recovery period will range in length depending on the severity of surgery that you had, but in any case, it is typically marked with limited movement and no small degree of pain.
The post-surgical recovery period is actually one of the most crucial times of any surgical treatment. It is during this recovery period that you can make or break the success of your surgery. While many people look at staying still or lying in bed as ideal for recovery, at a certain point this lack of movement can actually hurt you even more.

How Physical Therapy Helps Ease Post-Surgical Pain

Physical therapy is designed to help you get your muscles and joints moving again after surgery through directed motions. These motions will help strengthen your body and return you to peak physical condition. If are dedicated to your time in physical therapy, you could even come out of your post-surgical recovery period feeling stronger than you did before you went into surgery.
Many people associate surgery with pain, especially during recovery. While pain medications can help ease the experience of pain, they don’t do much to actually help you recover.
Physical therapy alleviates post-surgical pain by removing pressure from muscles and joints, and helping you to regain your strength and range of motion. After surgery, it is common for the area that has been operated to feel very tight. Typically, muscles surrounding the surgical site tend to tense up, causing even more pain. When you work with an experienced physical therapist at PT Solutions, you are given strategies to overcome these sources of pain. Physical therapy can help you target these painful muscular areas and regain your range of motion so that you can make a healthier and more complete recovery.
If you are looking for physical therapy treatment to help you recover from surgery contact us today or visit any of our Georgia clinics or any clinics near you to schedule a consultation.


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