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15315 W 67 St
Shawnee, KS 66217

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About Our Physical Therapy Clinic In Shawnee

At PT Solutions Shawnee, the overall experience is equally as important as the expert physical therapy treatments we provide. Our friendly and welcoming team of professionals likes to maintain a lively clinic. Our clinicians serve a wide range of ages and treat various conditions. Our convenient location provides easy access to physical therapy for everyone in Shawnee, KS, and the surrounding communities.

Shawnee Physical Therapy

At PT Solutions of Shawnee, we treat a wide range of conditions and work with patients of all ages. When you visit PT Solutions, you will encounter a physical therapy experience unlike anywhere else. Our teams of physical therapists do more than just give you a prescribed set of exercises. Instead, physical therapy at PT Solutions creates an encouraging and positive environment from your very first visit. Our clinicians use evidence-based approaches and stay up to date on the latest techniques and innovations, so you will always receive the best care out there. Look no further for Shawnee physical therapy than at PT Solutions located near you.

Shawnee Physical Therapy for All Ages

PT Solutions of Shawnee provides physical therapy and comprehensive care for children and adults of all ages. Receive quality physical therapy for your child, whether they are a toddler or a teenager. We offer family-focused approaches to treatment that include multi-specialty services with a holistic approach to managing your child’s care. Our physical therapists work alongside your pediatrician and parents or guardians to provide your child with the safest and best care possible. Pediatric physical therapy at PT Solutions of Shawnee creates an encouraging environment where your child will take an active role in their recovery. Our physical therapists help children reach developmental milestones, recover from injuries or surgeries, and prevent injuries while participating in sports or other activities.

Physical therapy at PT Solutions also serves our population of aging adults. Older adults will appreciate a personalized approach to care offered at PT Solutions. A physical therapist will work with you to assess your physical abilities and limitations and help you regain strength and mobility. Physical therapy can help older adults prepare for an upcoming surgery by working to improve healthy functioning beforehand. A physical therapist can also help you through the recovery and rehabilitation process so you have the confidence to safely regain your strength and range of motion after an injury or surgery.

Pain Management and Physical Therapy

Physical therapy offers a natural and effective solution for pain management. Through stretches, exercises, and other therapeutic techniques, you can take an active role in learning how to manage and relieve your pain. A physical therapist may work with you to strengthen areas of weakness and work through stiff muscles. Learning how to increase your flexibility and improve your range of motion will also help reduce pain and discomfort while participating in daily activities and routines. Part of physical therapy at PT Solutions involves gaining the confidence to move through your regular routines safely and effectively so you can avoid future injuries or surgeries.

PT Solutions of Shawnee also offers dry needling in conjunction with physical therapy and other evidence-based treatments. Dry needling uses needles to stimulate and release trigger points in your muscles that are causing you pain. These needles do not have medicine or fluids in them. Instead, they are designed to target irritable muscle knots that may exacerbate your pain from an injury or a health condition like chronic headaches, tendonitis, or sciatica. Your physical therapist at PT Solutions may recommend dry needling along with other treatments like exercise and manual therapy for a comprehensive approach to pain management.

Physical Therapy for Rehabilitation

Physical therapy can help you prepare for surgery as well as recover from one. Your doctor may recommend you see a physical therapist to prepare for an upcoming surgery to help improve your healthy functioning and endurance before the procedure. Physical therapy before surgery, sometimes known as prehab, will target areas that may experience weakness or stiffness while you recover. By focusing on your strength and stamina, physical therapy before surgery can help improve your outcomes for a successful surgery and rehabilitation process.

Physical therapy is perhaps better known for its benefits while you recover from surgery. Rehabilitation after surgery may not always be an easy process. A physical therapist can walk alongside you through the recovery and rehabilitation so you can regain your strength and mobility after surgery. A surgery may limit your mobility for a period of time, during which your muscles can become weakened and stiff. Physical therapy will help safely reintroduce movements so you can get back to your regular routines and activities.

Physical Therapy for Injury Recovery

Recovering from an injury may require additional support and intervention from a trusted Shawnee physical therapist. At PT Solutions, our team of clinicians will provide you with a personalized plan for care that addresses your specific needs and goals for treatment and recovery. Physical therapy after an injury can help you restore and improve range of motion over time. You may need persistent training to support you while your body repairs an injury like a broken bone or torn muscle. An injury may cause uncomfortable symptoms that take a while to go away, and a physical therapist can help you manage those symptoms through evidence-based treatment techniques.

Shawnee Sports Physical Therapy

PT Solutions of Shawnee also offers physical therapy for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a professional athlete or interested in running your first 5K, a physical therapist can provide you with a running analysis to help you improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury. A running analysis will assess your lower extremities and analyze how you run. Your physical therapist will then use this information to develop a personalized plan of care to address your strength, coordination, and joint mobility. Our physical therapists work with you to improve your running skills while also helping you avoid injuries. We also offer analysis for other sports, including golf and tennis. Learn more about your biomechanics and how they impact your success on and off the field when you work with a physical therapist at PT Solutions of Shawnee.

PT Solutions of Shawnee is located just off Hwy 435 at Shawnee Mission Parkway in the Home Depot shopping center. Visit us to get started on comprehensive and innovative approaches to physical therapy designed with you in mind.

The team at PT Solutions is great. From Faith and Sam at the front desk, to all of the Therapusts (Kirsten, Tyler, Chris, and all others). They really try to understand every spect of your problems and tailor the solutions to your needs. I could not recommend then more enthusiastically if I tried.

Chris L. - Shawnee, KS