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Strong Finish for PT Solutions Patient

December 4, 2014


In early 2014, Ashley made a goal to complete her first half marathon by the end of the year. While training for her 13.1-mile goal she experienced major discomfort in her low back and hip that prevented her from keeping active. Determined not to give up, Ashley made an appointment with PT Solutions Physical Therapy of Marietta.

At PT Solutions of Marietta, Ashley began a plan of care that consisted of improving her low back and hip mobility through manual therapy techniques such as manipulation and soft tissue mobilization. Low back and hip stability was improved through resisted functional movements. After physical therapy as Ashley’s pain subsided and her function began to return, she joined a strength and conditioning regimen with PT Solutions Body Solutions Program.

Body Solutions trainer, Kevin Tart, created a fitness regimen that was designed specifically for Ashley. The objective of her customized program was to not only prevent future injuries but also help strengthen her running performance.

Ashley’s hard work and dedication during her time with PT Solutions Physical Therapy and Body Solutions paid off. On Thanksgiving morning, Ashley achieved her goal by crossing the finish line of the Atlanta Half Marathon. Congratulations Ashley!


Submitted By:

Kevin Tart, CSCS
Body Solutions, Georgia
770.634.8844 |

About Body Solutions by PT Solutions Physical Therapy:
Lead by top personal trainers and physical therapists, Body Solutions is ready to design a personal wellness plan meeting the goals and objectives of the individual. Reach out to to find out how you can benefit from Body Solutions today!


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