4 Ways to Prepare for the Cupid Chase 5k

PT Solutions Cupid Chase 5k Race in Roswell Ga

The PT Solutions Cupid Chase 5k to benefit Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research is quickly approaching. Below are some tips for both the 5k first timer and the experienced athlete that we hope will prove helpful in preparing for the race on February 6.

Run Often

This may seem like an obvious tip but for the beginning runner it can sometimes be confusing as to how much or how far to run. Running short distances frequently will allow the body to adapt at a steady rate over time. Start off running a quarter of a mile 3-4 times a week, once that becomes easy bump it up to a half mile and so forth.

Run Hills

The Cupid Chase 5k begins in front of the PT Solutions Physical Therapy clinic and PTS Sports store located on Etris Road in Roswell. The first mile of the race is mostly downhill with a small dip in the middle before an uphill section leading to the turn around. As the saying goes what goes up must come down, or in this case, what goes down must come back up. The last mile of the race is mostly uphill with a particularly steep section right around mile 2-2.25 mark. Incorporating hills into your workouts will train your body to run uphill more efficiently as well as build lower leg strength and force you to spend time at or above lactate threshold.

Don’t Start Off Too Fast

The biggest mistake most athletes make is going too hard at the start of  race and then running out of gas before the finish. It will be tempting to blaze out of the gate with the downhill start, but remember that this is a 5k (3.11 mile) race and not a 100m sprint!

Have Fun

Whether you are gunning for a Personal Record (PR) or just out there to finish, the goal of the Cupid Chase 5k is to promote a healthy lifestyle while raising money for better research to help the amazing Rally Kids and their families who are battling cancer. Bring your friends, dress up in your best Cupid costume and HAVE FUN!

The Cupid Chase 5k is a family fun run for all ages and skill levels. Grab your friends or Valentine’s date for some friendly competition (Beat the Cupid) and costumed fun (costume contest anyone?) on February 6. If you have little ones, children ages 8 and under can participate in the Cherub Chase 1k. If they are too young to run, bundle them up and try to take on the 5k stroller division. If you are an avid runner, the Cupid Chase 5k is a Peachtree Road Race Qualifier. Lace up your favorite running shoes and register now!

About the Author

PTS Sports Coach, Brett Daniels is a run, triathlon, and bike coach based in Atlanta, GA. He has completed races from Sprint to Ironman distance, as well as running marathons. Brett is licensed by USA Cycling and is a USA Triathlon level II coach.