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About Us

PT Solutions starts with a true love of physical therapy and fuses that passion with science and training to create an unmatched standard of care for patients. We love our work, and that enthusiasm is evident in all we do, both in the clinic and in the community. We work in partnership with patients, and our therapists are committed to keeping them in motion throughout all phases of injury and healing. That dedication creates authentic connections with patients and makes PT Solutions the best place to redefine recovery.

We believe that grounding treatment methodologies in evidence-based research results in the most effective, progressive care for patients. We put science first and use our research to innovate and lead the physical therapy industry. Because teaching is in our DNA, we bring that research into the classroom, producing the best practitioners in the business through our top-notch therapist training and continuing education program.

We believe physical therapy has a significant place in healthcare, and we want to lead its significance by elevating patient treatment standards and therapist training programs. Patients know the treatment they receive in any PT Solutions clinic nationwide will meet the absolute highest standard of care. PT Solutions’ dedication to working with the best tools and the best attitude to achieve the best results unites therapist and patient in a shared goal: pain-free living.

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About PT Solutions


About PT Solutions

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About PT Solutions