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Michael Conners


Integration Operations Lead

Michael Conners serves as an Integration Operations Lead. Mike graduated with his MPT in 2003 from Rutgers University, transitional DPT in 2008 from Temple University, and PhD in 2017 from Texas Women’s University. He became board certified in Orthopedic PT in 2011 and completed a Fellowship in Manual Therapy through OPTIM Manual Therapy in 2019. Mike has taught extensively, ranging from the university level to national and international conferences. From 2018-to 2020, he was invited to present on evaluation and treatment of shoulder dysfunction and evidence-based practice in Shanghai and Xi’an China. Mike holds an instructor appointment in the School of Medicine at Red Cross University in Xi’an China. His PhD dissertation explored the connection between spinal manipulation and rotator cuff activation in patients with subacromial impingement syndrome. Mike has published in a myriad of journals on topics ranging from shoulder biomechanics to clinical reasoning. He serves as a clinical consultant for multiple ballets and performing arts organizations in the areas of rehabilitation and injury prevention. As an experienced agent of change ninja, Mike has extensive experience in leading teams through the change management process as well as expertise in operations management. Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending time with his family and three dogs. Mike’s other passions are any activity that involves being outdoors and near water, as well as playing golf.