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Palm Harbor

4705 Alt 19, Suite A
Palm Harbor, FL 34683

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About our Physical Therapy Clinic in Palm Harbor

Our Palm Harbor location is a warm and welcoming clinic with a quintessential Florida coastal view that our patients love. From pediatric to geriatric, we treat patients of all age groups. But we do serve a slightly older population with a good mix of Florida snowbirds. Our team is diverse in its specialties. We have therapists who specialize in vestibular and balance therapy, and some who perform dry needling. And one of our therapists even specializes in treating swimmers. 

Palm Harbor Physical Therapy

You will find quality and comprehensive physical therapy in Palm Harbor at PT Solutions. Palm Harbor Physical Therapy at PT Solutions offers comprehensive treatment options for all ages, from geriatric to pediatric physical therapy. We offer personalized attention and care so that you get the necessary support to recover and heal. You will experience a fun and friendly atmosphere as soon as you step foot in our Palm Harbor physical therapy office. Conveniently located right off of Palm Harbor Boulevard, PT Solutions of Palm Harbor offers a diverse range of specialties.

Innovative Physical Therapy at PT Solutions of Palm Harbor

Physical therapy at Palm Harbor is about more than simply going through exercises. Our team of friendly physical therapists offers an innovative approach to physical therapy. Our goal is to help you gain strength, mobility, and confidence so you can safely and effectively participate in activities you love. We provide a comfortable environment for you to work toward your goals of wellness and recovery. At PT Solutions in Palm Harbor, our physical therapists offer patient education that extends beyond your time in the office. We understand that recovery does not happen on its own and are here to help you through the process.

Physical Therapy for All Ages

Palm Harbor physical therapists work with everyone in the local community to provide quality and effective physical therapy. Our physical therapists provide a range of specialized services, from pediatric to geriatric physical therapy. We recognize the aging population in Palm Harbor and work with snowbirds and school children all across the community. Regardless of what brings you to PT Solutions of Palm Harbor, our team of physical therapists is here to help. Whether you are recovering from a recent injury or looking to regain strength and range of motion after surgery, our clinicians will provide you with quality, comprehensive care. We understand the importance of a family-friendly and encouraging environment so you can regain your confidence along with your strength and mobility.

Neurological Rehab in Palm Harbor

PT Solutions of Palm Harbor offers neurological rehabilitation for a wide variety of neurological conditions. Our Palm Harbor physical therapists understand how any type of damage to your nervous system can significantly impact your quality of life. We aim to provide you with the services needed with an individualized approach to your care. No matter what neurological condition you are managing, we will provide you with personalized physical therapy that addresses your specific needs and goals for treatment. Our Palm Harbor physical therapy facilities are fully equipped so you can receive the quality and comprehensive medical treatment you need.

Palm Harbor Vestibular Rehab

Learn more about how to regain your balance and reduce your risk of falls with vestibular rehab with Palm Harbor physical therapists at PT Solutions. Vestibular therapy and rehabilitation take an exercise-based approach to reduce your experiences of dizziness and vertigo. No matter your age, dizziness and trouble with balance can put you at greater risk for falling and injury. Palm Harbor vestibular rehab at PT Solutions includes a thorough evaluation and an individualized plan of care. Vestibular rehab and therapy with a physical therapist may include exercise and training in gaze stability, balance, and gait. We also offer a falls prevention program to help reduce your risk of falling with proactive solutions for treatment and care. Our Palm Harbor physical therapists also offer power and strength training to help increase your strength and improve your mobility.

Dry Needling in Palm Harbor

Learn how dry needling can help reduce your pain with a Palm Harbor physical therapist at PT Solutions. This technique addresses muscular and connective tissues that may be causing your pain. Dry needling is a passive intervention offered by highly trained Palm Harbor physical therapists. Dry needling is a physical therapy technique often used along with other evidence-based therapies like exercise and therapeutic massage. Our physical therapists at PT Solutions Palm Harbor take an innovative approach with treatment strategies that target your specific needs and goals. Whether you are dealing with headaches, sciatica, or frozen shoulder, learn more about dry needling and physical therapy in Palm Harbor.

Optimizing Physical Performance with PT Solutions

Palm Harbor physical therapists can help you optimize your physical performance and reduce risk of injury. We offer running analysis for the casual jogger to the highly engaged weekend warrior. Running analysis includes the use of specialized equipment with a trained clinician to analyze how you run and identify any inefficiencies and areas for growth. Issues with joint mobility, strength, and coordination can affect your optimal physical performance in running and other sports and physical activities. Running analysis at PT Solutions of Palm Harbor offers you a personalized plan of care to improve your running and reduce your risk of injury.

Visit PT Solutions in Palm Harbor to experience one-on-one treatment and support for a wide range of physical therapy needs. Our physical therapists are here to help you improve your strength and mobility and help you gain the confidence to participate in the activities you enjoy most. Whether you are looking to improve your golf game, increase your stamina while swimming, or recover from injury or surgery, PT Solutions in Palm Harbor is here to help!


Daniel Hammer

Daniel Hammer

Physical Therapist Assistant
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Suzanne Cook

Suzanne Cook

Clinic Director
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Danya Briefer

Danya Briefer

Physical Therapist
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Austin Ryan

Austin Ryan

Physical Therapist
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I just finished my PT after having a THR. I had been inactive for several years due to hip pain. Austin had to work from scratch. He started by building up my atrophied leg muscles while also addressing the rehabilitation of my hip. After hard work on his part and mine I can finally walk. I honestly thought I would most likely need a cane but I no longer need any assistance at all. I am eternally grateful to Austin, and Cassie, for pushing me to do more.

Jeanne M. - Palm Harbor, FL



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