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About Our Physical Therapy Clinic In Merriam

As a proud partner of Advent Health, our physical therapy clinic is located right on the Advent Health campus in the beautiful and brand new Woodland Hills Building.  We are always full of positive energy and are sure to greet all who enter with a smile. With therapists certified in dry needling, cupping, vestibular rehabilitation, and hand therapy, we treat patients with a wide range of conditions and of all age groups in the Shawnee Mission community and surrounding areas. 

Shawnee Mission Physical Therapy

Visit PT Solutions of Shawnee Mission for comprehensive physical therapy services with an innovative approach to your health and wellbeing. Our team of physical therapists strives to create a positive and encouraging environment where you can heal, recover, and improve your overall health. Experience the best Shawnee Mission physical therapy at PT Solutions with our unique approaches rooted in our expert understanding of the entire musculoskeletal system. Whether you are looking for physical therapy as you recover from an injury, prepare for surgery, or improve your overall range of motion, PT Solutions physical therapy in Shawnee Mission is here to help.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at PT Solutions

Physical therapy can help you regain mobility and restore function you may have lost due to a recent injury or surgery. When you see a physical therapist for rehabilitation after an injury, this type of treatment approach can help reduce your pain and regain strength and mobility. Physical therapy in Shawnee Mission, Kansas supports you through your entire injury recovery so that you can gain confidence to return to your regular activities and routines. Our physical therapists at PT Solutions offer comprehensive patient education as part of your individualized plan for care. Each person who visits PT Solutions of Shawnee Mission will receive personalized attention and care that addresses your specific needs after an injury. While you heal from broken bones or torn muscles, our physical therapists will guide you through safe and effective exercises and other treatment techniques to support your recovery and help you avoid reinjury.

Physical therapy has a wide range of benefits as you recover from surgery. Many times, surgery can impact your mobility, and certain movements may be restricted. As you recover from surgery, a physical therapist can help you incorporate gentle movements and stretches to help restore healthy functioning to your whole body. When a surgery requires partial or full immobilization, your muscles may become weak and stiff. Physical therapy includes a combination of stretches, exercises, and hands-on therapies to help strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility. Experience the benefits of rehabilitation after surgery with a physical therapist when you visit PT Solutions of Shawnee Mission.

Pain Management and Physical Therapy

Regardless of what brings you to physical therapy, you can learn natural and effective techniques for pain management and relief. Physical therapists help you restore your body after an injury, surgery, or while you manage an ongoing health condition. You shouldn’t have to live with chronic pain that keeps you from participating in activities you enjoy. A physical therapist can develop a personalized plan of care that targets areas of concern that may be contributing to your pain and discomfort. Improving your strength and mobility through physical therapy with stretches and exercises can help naturally relieve your pain.

Your physical therapist may also recommend additional treatment techniques as part of your personalized care plan. One type of technique that offers benefits for pain management is dry needling. Physical therapy incorporates passive interventions like dry needling in conjunction with other treatments like exercise and manual therapy. Dry needling targets irritable muscle knots to provide you with lasting pain relief. The needles do not contain any fluid or medication, which is why this is considered a passive intervention. Instead, dry needling stimulates and releases trigger points in the body. Dry needling may be recommended if you are dealing with pain due to muscular problems. People with chronic headaches, muscle spasms, tendonitis, sciatica, and carpal tunnel syndrome have experienced improvement from dry needling.

Shawnee Mission Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy

In addition to physical therapy, PT Solutions of Shawnee Mission offers comprehensive options for care, including occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. Occupational therapy can help you recover from a recent injury or surgery to help you with everyday functional tasks like eating or getting dressed. When you work with an occupational therapist, you will develop goals to help you manage your daily activities more effectively. Occupational therapists help patients with activities of daily living that may be impacted by an injury, surgery, or other health condition.

We also work alongside Speech-Language Pathologists to offer speech therapy for all ages. Speech therapy isn’t just for children learning how to produce the right sounds. Adults can also benefit from speech therapy, including those with communication dysfunctions and swallowing disorders. Speech therapists assess, diagnose, and treat a wide range of conditions that can affect speech, language, social communication, cognitive functioning, and swallowing. A combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy may be recommended depending on your specific needs for treatment and rehabilitation.

Shawnee Mission Sports Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is commonly associated with treating athletes. However, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to improve in sports. People of all ages can benefit from sports physical therapy. Learn how to optimize your performance and reduce the risk of injury with your Shawnee Mission physical therapist at PT Solutions. We offer a wide range of sports services, including a running analysis and concussion care. A running analysis will assess your lower extremities to identify any inefficiencies in your movement. After a running analysis, your physical therapist will develop a targeted plan to address joint mobility, strength, and coordination.

Physical therapists at PT Solutions Shawnee Mission also offer professional concussion care. From identifying concussions to preventative education, our physical therapists take concussions seriously every step of the way. We also team up with local schools and athletes to help improve concussion protocols and prevention practices. A concussion can cause a wide range of symptoms and affect your physical and cognitive functioning. Our physical therapists offer vestibular rehab and other treatment techniques to address your symptoms and help you recover safely and successfully.

Physical Therapy Specialty Services at PT Solutions

At PT Solutions of Shawnee Mission, we also offer specialty services like pelvic floor therapy, prehab therapy, TMJ treatment, and lymphedema treatment. If you are in need of physical therapy, then schedule an appointment with our team at PT Solutions and experience our quality and innovative style for yourself! PT Solutions of Shawnee Mission is located at AdventHealth Shawnee Mission in Suite 120.


Kristin Church

Kristin Church

Physical Therapist
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Esther Stafford

Esther Stafford

Certified Hand Therapist
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Ashley Gilstrap

Clinic Director
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I started out feeling very weak and unstable while recovering from my back surgery. I now feel that I have gained strength and confidence. I would also like to say how positive and professional the staff is especially Jake, he is very patient, kind, and knowledgeable about his patients. I would recommend anybody to PT Solutions and I would go back myself if necessary.

Anna C. - Shawnee Mission, KS



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