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Positivity Post Issue 7

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Bolingbrook Student intern celebrates graduation
Bolingbrook Aide Honored with Graduation Party
Kayla Johnson, Inpatient Rehab Aide for Bolingbrook Inpatient has been working for PT Solutions for the past two years while pursuing her undergraduate degree in Biology from Lewis University. She recently graduated and plans on studying to be a PT, but like other grads around the country, ceremonies and celebrations have been postponed.
Her university did a virtual graduation where names were read online, but Kayla’s team thought she deserved more. Rocio Leon, a fellow Rehab Aide, came to the rescue. “Rocio always thinks about these things and reached out to the team to coordinate,” Josi Nino, Senior Clinic Director said. “Since Kayla wasn’t going to be able to have a “real” graduation ceremony, we decorated her workstation, baked cookies, signed a card and played Pomp and Circumstance for her to celebrate.”
Kayla enjoyed the awesome surprise and said, “What the team did for me was so unexpected and very much appreciated! I am so proud to be a part of the PTS family and in these trying times, it was particularly special to know that my graduation and the four long hard years of school did not go unrecognized!”
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Covid Recovery and Physical Therapy
Patient Gains Speed, Loses Walker: Update on Ms. Vickie
The power of therapy is truly harnessed when our practice can provide continuity of care and treat a patient through all three rehabilitation settings: acute care, inpatient rehab and outpatient physical therapy! Ms. Vickie, a grandmother in New Orleans, fell ill with COVID-19 and spent 30 days with the doctors and nurses at our partner hospital Tulane Medical Center. Ms. Vickie’s story was even featured on the local news!
In acute care, she was able to gain the strength to be removed from the ventilator. At inpatient rehab, she worked to gain independence spending three hours each day for two weeks with speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Thanks to her dedication and hard work, Ms. Vickie is back home and continuing her therapy with the outpatient team at PT Solutions of Metairie.
Jessie Otis, Clinic Director of Tulane Inpatient Rehab, said, “It’s so nice for inpatient therapists to see their patients all the way through their continuum of care. Too often we don’t get to see their final outcomes.” When asked about her time in therapy, Ms. Vickie said, “You all treated me so well while I was in the hospital and rehab, I can’t begin to thank you enough. My time in therapy has been tremendously awesome. You gave me the will, the power, and the tools to motivate myself to get better.”
Recently, Jessie ran into her former patient at the Metairie clinic. “She’s no longer using an assistive device and is running circles around everyone. Ms. Vickie is so grateful to the entire team, and was just so funny going through all her new exercises with me. It made me tear up a bit.” Jessie said.
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PT Solutions Olympic Games
Update: PTS Olympians Challenge their Cheeks
The Asheville Olympians recently took on their latest challenge, the “Chubby Bunny”, a competition to see who can fit the most regular-sized marshmallows in their mouth at one time while still saying the words ‘Chubby Bunny’. One competitor stood out among the rest. Congratulations to Brad Witte, Physical Therapist at PT Solutions of AdventHealth Hendersonville for having the chubbiest (bunny) cheeks and bringing home the gold for the Tepid Water Warriors! Watch his standout performance here. (Warning: Not for the squeamish or those with althaiophobia)
Olympians were also challenged to show off their style and grace in The Coffee Run: TUG Edition. In this challenge, participants complete an obstacle with a coffee cup full of water without spilling any liquid. Congratulations to Maria Haddon, Clinic Director at AdventHealth Hendersonville Inpatient Rehab. She was the most elegant and ultimately the fastest racer, giving her team Therabandits the top ranking for this competition.
The Leaderboard:
#1: The OG LP is in the lead
#2: Tepid Water Warriors are close on their heels
#3: Watch out for Take Me To Your Leader & Evidence Based Winning, a few gold medals could land them a spot on top!
With only two weeks and four activities left in the competition, an upcoming Tik Tok challenge could be the deciding factor on who will reign champion.
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PTS Prompts
We asked: “If you were a Kangaroo, what 3 things would you keep in your pouch at all times?”
You answered!
Andrew Fix, Senior Clinic Director in Kansas City
“1) Peanut Butter. (Do you even need to ask why?) 2) Water, because without it one would die. 3) A cozy blanket so I can curl up and nap after I eat too much peanut butter.”
Carla Cummings, Onboarding Manager in Atlanta, Georgia
“First off, I have questions. Can my husband be a kangaroo as well? I’m going to need more room.
1) Wallet $$- Let’s face it, kangaroo or not, there are still Target aisles to browse.
2) Phone (I could borrow a charger, so no worries) – No other explanation needed.
3) SNACKS!!”
Taylor Shanklin, Clinic Director of Biltmore Village, North Carolina
“1) Dunkaroos: the greatest dessert of the 90’s disguised as a snack. 2) A pouch to keep in my pouch so I can separate my items and also give me the opportunity to talk about my pouch pouch. 3) A baby kangaroo so when people walk by and say “Did you see how cute that was?”, I can pretend they are talking about me.”
⬇️This week’s prompt ⬇️
“What is the silliest, pettiest, and ultimately, most meaningless hill you are willing to die on?”
Let Marketing Megan know and your answer could be featured in next week’s Positivity Post.

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