Matt Serlo, MPT

Larry Feldman, PT

Jenna Roberts, DPT

Mark Kosier, DPT, RCMT

Kevin Jones, DPT

Lizelle Lapuz, PTA

Clark Williams, PT

Ian Stevenson, DPT

Rebecca Thomas Harris, DPT

Josee Roy Williams, PT

Jodi Bridges-Lemoine, MPT

Ginny Yuratich, MSPT

Rachel Clements, DPT

PT Solutions - Committed to your total wellness.

The Gold Standard of Care

PT Solutions is a therapist-owned physical therapy practice with points of service across the United States. Our team uses research-driven physical therapy treatments to provide patients relief and restoration of their normal lives.

  • Commitment to best care and customer service
  • Open-concept PT facilities
  • Extended hours of operation
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Most major insurance plans accepted